Using the Korean Subway System

Ready to explore Seoul? Skip out on being stuck in traffic, in a bus or an expensive taxi and take the subway! If this is your first time taking a subway, it might be a little overwhelming. With all the color lines and numbers, don’t be surprised if you get lost during your first couple … Continue reading Using the Korean Subway System

Events held by the Dormitory

NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation Living in the dorms will give you some pretty cool opportunities to get to experience the Korean culture, create a better bond with your roommate and also get to know Korean students in an easier way! And if you are worried about the prices for this–it’s FOR … Continue reading Events held by the Dormitory

Student Clubs

Clubs in Universities are often considered the best way to get integrated into the community and enjoy student life. And whadda'ya know CAU's got a bunch of them! From music production, magic, theater, board games, and dance, you'll be introduced to many of them when the Club recruitment week swings by. Although joining a club in … Continue reading Student Clubs