Buses to and from the back gate of Chung-Ang University

Aren’t there times when you feel a little lazy and don’t want to walk all the way back to the dorm. It seems quite far right? And especially with the cold weather coming in, it will be nice to stay as warm as possible. Well if you didn’t know, there are buses you CAN take from … Continue reading Buses to and from the back gate of Chung-Ang University

4 Interesting Korean Cultural Differences

Just like every other country in the world, Korea has many different people with many different backgrounds and cultures. This article is not to take away from those differences nor is it to paint with a broad stroke. Going to a new country can be intimidating, especially when you consider how many cultural differences there … Continue reading 4 Interesting Korean Cultural Differences


Did you know that being apart of the exchange program, you are given the opportunity to receive some pretty cool benefits? Events that help you get out and explore some cultural fun in Korea that you might haven’t done yet. Did I mention that these events are FREE of charge?????? YASSSS and who doesn’t love free … Continue reading CKEP