Making the most of your spring at CAU

Korea is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms. Spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons due to the warm temperatures and blooming flowers, and it is the best time of the year to visit parks and enjoy the outdoors. People go out of their way to go “벚꽃놀이” (beotggotnori) or cherry … Continue reading Making the most of your spring at CAU

CAU Centennial Year

Chung-Ang University has celebrated its 100th year anniversary! Most of you may want to know more about the history of CAU and how it has slowly developed into the wonderful university it is today. Also, there are certain monuments around the university that you’ve probably seen before but didn’t know there was a history and … Continue reading CAU Centennial Year

The International Exchange Student Advisor 2017-2

Have you ever wondered who has been answering your email questions and assisting your study abroad journey? Every semester Chung-Ang University assigns exchange students a Student Advisor--your go-to person in Korea! Not everyone can take on such a role, but let's get to know the person who can!   Q: Can you introduce yourself please? … Continue reading The International Exchange Student Advisor 2017-2

Registration Card

Please note the following information is only applicable for Seoul Campus students. Additional information will be sent out to Anseong Campus students in due time. Just let you know, 'Alien registration card(ARC)' has changed to 'Registration card(RC) You've finally made it to Korea! You’ve checked into the dorms, went to orientation, and experienced the campus … Continue reading Registration Card


Ever curious on what actually goes down behind the Office of International Affairs? Or who answers your notorious questions before or after arriving to Korea? Well today your life will change...forever. I’ve interview Joseph Song who works as an International Exchange Student Adviser for the OIA.  Can you please introduce yourself? My name is Joseph … Continue reading THE INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE STUDENT ADVISOR 2016-2/2017-1