CAU Laundry 101

Laundry is an impending chore that all exchange students must face eventually. This blog post is a guide for your much-needed laundry days! Location: 308 next to the student mailbox area Hours: 5am to 1am every day Cost: Wash (single load) is ₩1,000,  Dry (single load) is ₩1,000 Laundry Card Before using the laundry room, students … Continue reading CAU Laundry 101

Stores Around Campus for Essentials

When planning your trip to Korea, some of you may decide not to bring any bedding/living essentials as it takes up a lot of space in your luggage. It is actually cheaper to just buy some essentials in Korea---but where? This blog will give you very detailed directions on where you could buy your supplies … Continue reading Stores Around Campus for Essentials