Students’ Perspective of CAU – Russia

On this week’s Students’ Perspective of CAU series, Russian student Diana gives you her thoughts about being an exchange student in Korea! Can you please introduce yourself?  Hi, my name is Diana. I am 20 years old and I am from Russia. At my home university, my major is Korean Language. I've been studying at … Continue reading Students’ Perspective of CAU – Russia

Health Services at CAU

It is not uncommon for students to get sick on some occasions, especially during the changes in weather. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to those who are wondering what health/medical services Chung-Ang University has to offer.  SEOUL CAMPUS CAU Health Center First and foremost, CAU offers the Health Center located in the Centennial Building 310, … Continue reading Health Services at CAU

Chung-Ang University’s Master’s Degree Program

Scholarships & General Information: Graduate School Study Fields: Liberal Arts and Science Natural Science Engineering Arts and Education Medicine Interdisciplinary 3 Scholarships: General Scholarship CAYSS: Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship GKS / KGSP: Global Korea Scholarship / Korean Government Scholarship Program Detailed Information on Scholarships: Scholarship 1: General Scholarship Tuition coverage ranging from 30%, 50%, 70% to even full … Continue reading Chung-Ang University’s Master’s Degree Program

The International Exchange Student Advisor 2017-2

Have you ever wondered who has been answering your email questions and assisting your study abroad journey? Every semester Chung-Ang University assigns exchange students a Student Advisor--your go-to person in Korea! Not everyone can take on such a role, but let's get to know the person who can!   Q: Can you introduce yourself please? … Continue reading The International Exchange Student Advisor 2017-2