CAU Global Fair 2017

On Tuesday, October 24th, 12pm-5pm, international exchange students from all over the world participated in the 2017 Global Fair at Chung-Ang University. Located at the campus front gate, over 100 universities represented their home countries. Each exhibitor grabbed their name tag, free gift, and free lunch, then made their way over to their respective booths. The exhibitors were all very excited to promote and provide information on their universities. In fact, some exhibitors were so eager to promote their universities they even prepared props, music, and food to attract more students.




The fair was also a great opportunity for the international students to get to know one another. The exhibitors at the booths also made their way around the fair to converse with others.

The theme of the 2017 Global Fair was Crossing Borders, which  emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion. In order for the current exchange students to attend Chung-Ang, there had to be students from CAU that decided to go on exchange to their universities as well. Through promoting their respective universities, the exhibitors are providing future exchange opportunities to students from their universities to go on exchange at this wonderful university!

Interview Questions

What do you think of the 2017 Global Fair?

Soo Jin Lee: “I like it because there is a lot of diversity in the university and it’s kind of fun because [the exchange students] are all very passionate about their schools and they are all inviting. It’s not just learning about each university, but it’s also about learning the country and the country’s customs. I think it’s quite fun!”

Junho Choi: “I think it’s interesting to see so many countries in my university. I can learn about many exchange program systems from all these exchange students!”

Lee Soo Jung: “Actually, I was able to get the practical information when I went to the OIA and the officers were helpful, but I couldn’t get everything. From the Global Fair I could learn about the culture and have fun!”

Min Jeong: “I think it’s very effective in a way that people can know more about foreign schools and the exchange program.”


Does the fair inspire you to study abroad?

Soo Jin Lee: “Yes. Definitely. I am actually considering Singapore and maybe Taiwan.”

Junho Choi: “Yea, I really want go study abroad from now on. When I heard about the exchange program system, I literally wanted to go abroad right away.”

Lee Soo Jung: “Yes! Actually I want to study abroad in Malaysia or Singapore!”

Min Jeong: “Actually I am going to Finland next year as an exchange student. I was not that interested in exchange students before. After I applied for the exchange program I got way more interested!”

School Lineup 

To find out which universities were in the Global Fair this year click the link below:

2017 Global Fair_List of Universities

Many people had so much fun and were able to enjoy the experience, whether it meant discussing their university, their hometown, or culture. Everyone felt very welcomed while they had a chance to discover the diversity around campus. In fact, all the smiling faces only made the global fair more of an inviting experience! People laughed, chatted, took photos and overall shared and explored different cultures.

See you next year!