2019 Hangul Day Protests

     Hangul Day, 한글날 (Hangulnal) fell on October 9th 2019, and we visited Gwanghwamun station that day in hopes to visit the King Sejong Exhibition Hall. The underground museum is free of charge and even includes a library and multiple monuments. The most notable monument being the giant King Sejong statue that lays above ground above … Continue reading 2019 Hangul Day Protests

HALLOWEEN in Korea!? 4 Must-Go Events~

     Itaewon went viral on Twitter last year during Halloween 2018 in a post showing it’s crowded costume-clad streets! I was quite surprised myself to learn that many Korean college students were familiar with Halloween. Daiso even sells Halloween decorations, spooky makeup kits, and small Halloween themed accessories.     In the United States, … Continue reading HALLOWEEN in Korea!? 4 Must-Go Events~

Hangul Day

Hangul Day, 한글날 (Hangulnal) will be on October 9th of this year, so mark your calendar! It is a national holiday to celebrate the Korean Alphabet. During the 15th century, the Koreans used Chinese characters or ‘Hanja’ to read and write, but only the Elite class were able to afford this kind of education since … Continue reading Hangul Day