KTX Train

Introduction LET’S KORAIL! Korea’s best and most used transportation when it comes to travelling from one city to another. The Korail Train system allows both domestic and foreign travellers to commute interstate within a timely manner at a reasonable price.    History Built in 1992, the KTX first started it’s high-speed rail lines from Seoul … Continue reading KTX Train

Nonverbal Korean Performance Show (NANTA)

The Nonverbal Korean Performance Show (also known as NANTA) is a nonverbal comedy show that incorporates Korean traditional rhythm, Samulnori, with modern music and drama. This show has taken Korea by storm since its conception in 1997. Being nonverbal, the performance is completely universal, so everyone can understand what is going on onstage. People from … Continue reading Nonverbal Korean Performance Show (NANTA)