Bike Ride to Dumulmeori

  Plan a day-trip to Dumulmeori! Fall is a great time to bike along the river and enjoy the scenery of colorful trees. Dumulmeori means “two water area” refers to the place where the Bukhan River and Namhan River intersect to make the famous Hang River of Korea. Bukhan river flows through both North and South … Continue reading Bike Ride to Dumulmeori

Seoul Tteok Museum 떡박물관!

For only 3,000 won you can enjoy a nice afternoon at the tteok (rice cake) museum!      When I went to this museum on a Saturday afternoon it was actually completely empty aside from the one elderly woman who smiled kindly at us and asked us where we were from and why we decided … Continue reading Seoul Tteok Museum 떡박물관!

HALLOWEEN in Korea!? 4 Must-Go Events~

     Itaewon went viral on Twitter last year during Halloween 2018 in a post showing it’s crowded costume-clad streets! I was quite surprised myself to learn that many Korean college students were familiar with Halloween. Daiso even sells Halloween decorations, spooky makeup kits, and small Halloween themed accessories.     In the United States, … Continue reading HALLOWEEN in Korea!? 4 Must-Go Events~

Tips for: Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2019!

     The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is one of the most significant festivals in Korea, boasting 1.2 million attendees on average per year. Festivities last almost a full week, with the grand finale being the firework show this Saturday October 5th. First launched in the year 2000, Yeouido Hangang Park promises not only a … Continue reading Tips for: Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2019!

Hangul Day

Hangul Day, 한글날 (Hangulnal) will be on October 9th of this year, so mark your calendar! It is a national holiday to celebrate the Korean Alphabet. During the 15th century, the Koreans used Chinese characters or ‘Hanja’ to read and write, but only the Elite class were able to afford this kind of education since … Continue reading Hangul Day