Combating Loneliness While Studying Abroad

    Your friends, Isabella, and Reese here. One of the biggest things we’ve struggled with while studying abroad was this notion that exploration and fun would only be possible when others are present. The truth is, sometimes people are going to get busy, sick, or perhaps straight-up cancel plans with you, and sure, it sucks, but … Continue reading Combating Loneliness While Studying Abroad

Dealing With Jetlag

Jet Lag is a temporary sleeping disorder also known as circadian rhythm disorder. This often occurs in travelers who cross multiple time zones while flying to their destination. Our circadian rhythm is our body clock that tells us when to wake up and when it’s time to go to sleep. There are many ways to … Continue reading Dealing With Jetlag

CAU’s Disability Services

Chung-Ang University is an institution of many opportunities and resources for students. One of those resources is the Center for the Disabled. Kim So Hyun, is a professional researcher and full-time staff member of Chung-Ang University’s Disability Services. Her role includes planning and operating the disability program; supporting students with learning, physical and other disabilities; … Continue reading CAU’s Disability Services