2019 Hangul Day Protests

     Hangul Day, 한글날 (Hangulnal) fell on October 9th 2019, and we visited Gwanghwamun station that day in hopes to visit the King Sejong Exhibition Hall. The underground museum is free of charge and even includes a library and multiple monuments. The most notable monument being the giant King Sejong statue that lays above ground above … Continue reading 2019 Hangul Day Protests

Combating Loneliness While Studying Abroad

    Your friends, Isabella, and Reese here. One of the biggest things we’ve struggled with while studying abroad was this notion that exploration and fun would only be possible when others are present. The truth is, sometimes people are going to get busy, sick, or perhaps straight-up cancel plans with you, and sure, it sucks, but … Continue reading Combating Loneliness While Studying Abroad