Counseling At CAU

If you feel like you’re having a rough time and think you may need some professional advice or counseling, then I recommend the Student Life Counseling Center. The University Student Life Counseling Center is located in building 310 room B208 on the Seoul campus. The Anseong campus location is [17546] Sukdong Street, Daedeok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do … Continue reading Counseling At CAU

Services for Exchange Students at CAU

Chung-Ang University offers numerous services specifically for exchange students in order to ensure a smooth transition when moving to Korea.   Before you even leave your home country we start to assist you with: Pre-departure guide, Semester schedule with important dates Course registration and guide Visa issuance documents *Pre-departure guide The pre-departure guide includes everything … Continue reading Services for Exchange Students at CAU