Your First Week at CAU: From Airport Pick up to Orientation + Dorm Room Impression

Airport pickup: NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation Exchange students have the opportunity to sign up for Airport Pick up Service. You will receive an email from the Office of International Affairs around a month before you leave. GLAM’s (Global Ambassadors) will pick you up straight from the airport and help you to … Continue reading Your First Week at CAU: From Airport Pick up to Orientation + Dorm Room Impression

Clothing Packing List & Recommendations

Are you struggling to cut down on the amount of clothes you plan to bring with you on exchange? Or are you wondering what the most appropriate clothing articles to bring for a certain season would be? Don’t worry, this guide will recommend a list of clothing pieces that you should consider packing for the … Continue reading Clothing Packing List & Recommendations

Student Responsibilities and Etiquette at CAU

This blog is dedicated to current and future exchange students at CAU as a reminder of their responsibilities and actions as students on campus. When arriving at CAU, exchange students start off the year with a mandatory orientation about the semester or year to come. The orientation offers a guidebook which includes information students will … Continue reading Student Responsibilities and Etiquette at CAU

Pre-Departure Services

Chung-Ang University offers numerous services specifically for exchange students in order to ensure a smooth transition when moving to Korea. Before you even leave your home country we start to assist you with: Pre-departure guide, Semester schedule with important datesCourse registration and guideVisa issuance documents *Pre-departure guide The pre-departure guide includes everything you need to … Continue reading Pre-Departure Services