GLAM Interview – Lee Dong Yoon & Oh Soo Bin

1. Tell me about yourself. Dong Yoon: My name is Dong Yoon Lee, I’m a senior at CAU and I’m president of the GLAMs. Soo Bin: My name is Soo Bin Oh, but you can call me Soo. I am in my junior year at Chung-Ang University and my major is Economics. I was the … Continue reading GLAM Interview – Lee Dong Yoon & Oh Soo Bin

GLAM Buddy Meeting 2017-2

Usually in the second week of the semester students will go out with their GLAMs (GLAM description) and buddy group to get to know one another and make new friends. My buddy meeting was one of the best nights I’ve had in Korea so far. A group of approximately thirty people gathered at BHC, a … Continue reading GLAM Buddy Meeting 2017-2


Not sure how the subway station works? Or how to ride a taxi? Or maybe you want to know the best place to shop and need a few tips on how to bargain? Maybe you don't need help with any of that. Maybe you just want to go out and eat but have no one … Continue reading GLAM