Restaurants to Try Near CAU

Gogi Salon - Korean BBQ (고기싸롱 중앙대점) Heukseok-ro 106-5 2nd floor Korean BBQ is hands-down one of the best things Korea has blessed us with, you can try it out at Gogi Salon at the CAU front gate. Pork belly is usually eaten in groups, you pair it up with some soju (rice wine) and … Continue reading Restaurants to Try Near CAU

Beverage shops around CAU (Seoul)

During your time here, you will have the opportunity to experience the cafe culture. Cafes are important spots for meetings with friends, classmates, and of course, dates. Here are a few reviews for some of the cafes and beverage hot spots around campus that are beloved to all. Starbucks Starbucks is well known worldwide, although, … Continue reading Beverage shops around CAU (Seoul)