How to Learn Korean at Home?

Due to the spread of COV-19 virus, Global Lounge is unfortunately not open for this semester. Therefore, many of exchange students would be disappointed since you cannot participate in K-lounge. I willingly recommend you to try some useful materials to help you learn Korean language. King Sejong Institute(세종학당) There is a King Sejong Institute website(, … Continue reading How to Learn Korean at Home?

K-Lounge 2019 Fall semester

Do you know how to say "T.G.I.F" in Korean? Well, if you don't, you should definitely  visit K-Lounge! K-Lounge (Korean-Lounge) is one of services that Chung-Ang University offers for FREE! Well-trained teachers are waiting for you guys every day from 9 A.M to 10 A.M Who are the teachers?  Who are the GLAMs? GLAMs are … Continue reading K-Lounge 2019 Fall semester