How to Learn Korean at Home?

Learning Korean has huge incentives, we all know this. When you begin learning 한글 (hungul) it all seems too easy. As you move to more complex grammar and vocabulary, everything seems to get a bit blurry.  In this post, I’m going to share some online resources you can use to get ahead. King Sejong Institute(세종학당) … Continue reading How to Learn Korean at Home?


NOTE: DISCONTINUED TEMPORARILY DUE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC SITUATION. Do you know how to say "T.G.I.F" in Korean? Well, if you don't, you should definitely  visit K-Lounge! K-Lounge (Korean-Lounge) is one of services that Chung-Ang University offers for FREE! Well-trained teachers are waiting for you guys every day from 9 A.M to 10 A.M Who are … Continue reading K-LOUNGE 2019 FALL SEMESTER

Student Responsibilities and Etiquette at CAU

This blog is dedicated to current and future exchange students at CAU as a reminder of their responsibilities and actions as students on campus. When arriving at CAU, exchange students start off the year with a mandatory orientation about the semester or year to come. The orientation offers a guidebook which includes information students will … Continue reading Student Responsibilities and Etiquette at CAU

How to Use e-ID and Related App to Reserve a Seat at CAU Library

This blog post is dedicated to providing step-by-step instructions to create your e-ID account and to reserve a seat in the CAU library. Chung-Ang University offers a new app called ‘중앙대학교 e-ID’, in which allows students to sign in to class if they have not received their student card or forgot their student card. To … Continue reading How to Use e-ID and Related App to Reserve a Seat at CAU Library

Chung-Ang University’s Master’s Degree Program

Scholarships & General Information: Graduate School Study Fields: Liberal Arts and Science Natural Science Engineering Arts and Education Medicine Interdisciplinary 3 Scholarships: General Scholarship CAYSS: Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship GKS / KGSP: Global Korea Scholarship / Korean Government Scholarship Program Detailed Information on Scholarships: Scholarship 1: General Scholarship Tuition coverage ranging from 30%, 50%, 70% to even full … Continue reading Chung-Ang University’s Master’s Degree Program