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2019 Fall Semester Editors



Ming Hei Chan

IMG_9150Hello everyone! My name is Ming Hei Chan and I am from Minnesota, USA. My ethnicity is Chinese and I was born in Hong Kong, but raised in the US. I can speak Cantonese and English. My home university is Winona State University. During my free time, I like to explore and hang out with my friends. Since I will be here for two semesters, I am looking forward to traveling around South Korea and other neighboring countries!


Marissa “Reese” Alcayde


Coffee, cats, and International Relations. Probably the best combination of words I could muster up to define; me.

I’m a 25 year old Graduate student, finishing up my thesis that examines the Korean Comfort Women’s quest for agency and healing through transnational monuments, film, and advocacy. My studies brought me to CAU and ultimately to you, as one of your Fall 2019 bloggers.

Join me, as I clutch tourist pamphlets in one hand and Naver maps in the other. I’ll try and be the best tour guide I can. Sarcastic quips, apathetic meltdowns, and when you need it, reassuring hi-fives—all included.


2019 Spring Semester Editors

Dona Do20190322_142218

Hi everyone! My name is Dona and I was born and raised by Vietnamese parents in Ohio, USA. I am currently in my second year as a Biology major at Cleveland State University. Traveling on my own has always been one of my long-term goals and studying abroad at Chung-Ang University was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on. I usually like listening to music or watching television shows during my free time but after coming to Korea, I enjoy going out and exploring the most! I hope to make many memorable experiences in my short time here at Chung-Ang University! ◟(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞


Christina Alfonso christina

Hey!! My name is Christina and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am a student majoring in Marketing with a minor in Communications/Media at Ryerson University. This is my first time studying abroad and being in Korea! I would like to work in the creative industry one day, and hope to find opportunities here to guide me in that direction. Also, growing up I really enjoyed Korean entertainment, but I especially love the food and fashion culture. 삼겹살 is my favourite, but I am always down to try new dishes! My hobbies include taking photos, exploring, and watching films and TV shows. My time at Chung-Ang University won’t be taken for granted!

2018 Fall Semester Editors

ashley photoAshley Siler

Hey y’all! I’m Ashley Siler from the US; specifically, the beautiful state of Kentucky.

I am in my second year at the University of Kentucky majoring in Theatre. This is my first education abroad experience and also, my first time in Asia. I am very glad to be spending both of these firsts in South Korea at CAU! I look forward to watching the seasons change on our beautiful campus and traveling around Korea with new found friends. I hope you take the leap and come visit us as CAU! Come and say hello!


Daychia “Day” Lee

Nyoo Zoo (“Hello” in Hmong)! My name is Daychia Lee or just call me “Day”, and I’mday photo from the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota,USA). My ethnicity is Hmong, which is an indigenous group from Asia but I was born and raised in the States. I’m an exchange student from Winona State University. This is currently my second semester at Chung-Ang University and sadly my last semester. I’m excited to meet new people and explore more Korean cuisines! Living in Korea has definitely taught me a lot more about myself and how to live an independent traveler life. Please keep up with our lovely blogs as our OIA team is full of bright ideas for the new term! P.S. I LOVE FOOD, so let’s be friends and grab a meal together.



Lauren Michael

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am studying Korean Language and Teaching English tolauren photo Speakers of Other Languages in my home university at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. This is my first semester here at CAU and I am excited to study and make friends here. This is my second time in South Korea and when I am not writing blog posts, you can either find me eating 삼겹살 or at 노래방 singing BTS songs. I am excited to spend the next two semesters here at CAU and I hope to make many lifelong friends too! I hope that by reading our blog, you will be able to have your questions and queries about South Korea answered!



Sharnelle Lai

Hi everyone! It’s nice to meet you all. scharnelle picI’m Sharnelle and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Born and raised by two East-Timorese/Chinese parents, I am able to speak fluent Hakka and conversational Tetum. I’m currently a third-year student double majoring in [Australian] Politics and International Relations from Deakin University. I came to Seoul on the recommendation of my course advisor and I have not regretted the decision since. When I’m not working on the CAU exchange blog, I enjoy exploring Seoul. One of the places I highly recommend that you visit is the Seoul National Cemetery! Through this program, I know that I’ve made lifelong friends and so will you. So don’t be afraid to say hi if you ever see me around!


Emily Simpson

Hello, I’m Emily and I’m from the Emily picsmall desert town of Barstow, California. I was originally a theatre major but recently switched to linguistics because of my love for learning new languages. I’ve been studying Korean for about two years and Japanese for one year. I love listening to music and watching movies in my free time. I’m most looking forward to gaining twice my weight by eating all the delicious Korean food here and making new friends with people from all over the world.



Anajetessie “Ana” Ferrer-Arreolaana


My name is Anajetessie Ferrer-Arreola but I prefer going by Ana for shorter. I was born and raised in Oakland California, in the United States. My roots are Mexican because both my parents are from Mexico, so I can also speak Spanish. I enjoy fashion, exercising and anime. My goals in Korea are to experience Korean mainstream culture, as well as to broaden my horizon in Korean culture, and learn the language. My long term goals are to work for the United Nations which is why I am majoring in International Relations. I feel that studying I.R courses in Chung- Ang will allow me to get a good start in that field. I hope to provide you all with useful information to be as prepared as possible when coming to Korea!

2018 Spring Semester Editors

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Grace Menchaca


Welcome! I’m Grace and I am completing my second semester at CAU! When I’m not working on the blog, I am studying for my marketing classes or walking the 한강. I like to capture my favorite moments in Seoul either by video or photography. My favorite spots in Seoul are Bukchon Hanok Village area, Hongdae and Insadong! My first semester was great, but I intend to make my second semester even better.



Serafin Escutia


¡Hola! I’m Serafin and I am a Visual Communications Design major from San Francisco, USA. I am fluent in English and Spanish, so don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with me! I often eat 닭갈비 and 삼겹살, among many delicious Korean foods. This is my second semester here at CAU and I’m excited to work with this team!




Gavin Tran

AE740462-0316-4881-94E1-0A584DDAA26F (1).jpeg

Hello! My name is Gavin and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada! I am currently completing the third year of my degree, studying Business and Information Technology (IT) as well as doing a minor in Innovation Marketing. This is my first time ever coming to South Korea. I wanted to come to South Korea to experience the new culture, food (mainly food) and also to make new friends while I am here! I hope you enjoy reading our blogs!


Sophia Chea

editor profile pic

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a third year Global Management Studies and Social Marketing student from Ryerson University. I am currently doing my exchange in Seoul, South Korea because I am fascinated by this country’s culture and how it is different from Canada. From the wide range of things to do here, I am thrilled to go on many hikes, explore the city and eat as much food as I can! I hope reading our blog will motivate and inspire you to come to South Korea!

Alis Melendez


Hello friends and family, my name is Alison Melendez but I go by Alis (‘Alice’).  I am from the small town of Hollister, California and an exchange student from San Francisco State University studying Criminal Justice. I came to Seoul, South Korea to explore a new city, experience a new culture, and learn a new language! In my free time I love to go on adventures, draw/paint, and have a good time. I hope to provide you with useful information, as well as tell meaningful and inspiring stories from students at CAU. Let’s make this semester great!


2017 Fall Semester Editors


Neha Soni

KakaoTalk_20170913_104359363Hello friends, I’m Neha! I was born and raised in Canada by two incredibly loving Indian parents. I am currently completing the fourth year of my Global Management degree, with the ultimate goal of getting work placements across the globe in which I will be able to work and travel simultaneously. I have had a strong desire to travel from a very young age. Currently I am interested in travelling to countries all across Asia. In my free time, I like to listen to music (die-hard Coldplay fan here), learn words in different languages, and spend time with friends and family. I hope that reading our blogs will show you what a wonderful university CAU is and be the push you need in order to choose to come here!

Grace Menchaca


Hello! I’m Grace and I am completing my third year of university at Chung-Ang. I am from Minnesota, USA but I have family in Mexico and Peru. When I’m not working in the office, I like to dance (nothing professional–strictly shower dancing), explore Seoul, and document my explorations via video or photography. It is my life mission to travel the world–so why not start in Korea! I hope to assist you in your dreams to meet the rest of us here at CAU!

Mekdelawit “Maggie” Beruk


Ethiopia is where my mother gave birth to me. It’s also where I spent the first 10 years of my life before permanently moving to the  United States of America. I am very proud of my Ethiopian heritage and have developed a profound love for the city of San Francisco. I’ve also had the fortune of visiting countries such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and Senegal where I have found and left a piece of my love. And being here in South Korea, I have no doubt that the beauty of the country, the culture and the people will overtake me once more. As your Global A, I am here to assist you in any way that I can and be a form of resource. Don’t be afraid to say hello:)

Serafin Escutia


¡Hola! I’m Serafin a second year computer science major. I’m from the United States and I attend San Francisco State University. I was born in Santa Rosa and lived there my whole life before moving to San Francisco to attend University. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, so don’t be afraid to say hello (or hola)! I came to South Korea to learn a new language, make new friends, and to learn about a culture completely different from my own. Let’s be friends!



Glidiany Sallaret Vallejo 글리디아니 살라렡 바예호

glid안녕하세요! Hola! 你好吗? Hello! I come from San Diego, California. My first two names: Glidiany Sallaret mean, “Welcome to the world!” I think my names fit me well because I would like to connect many nations together in the Entertainment sector. As a Business Management major, I would like to have my own multinational talent agency. It is of my utmost interest to intermix Asian entertainment with U.S. entertainment. My hobbies include learning languages, making international friends, writing song lyrics, and rapping. I have many more hobbies which include trying and learning new things. People may call me ambitious but I think I am just having fun! I am not much of an athlete but I like basketball, dancing, and jogging. South Korea is appealing to me not just because of the entertainment industry, I also love the people here, the customs, the food, and the language. When it comes to languages, I only know a little Korean, and a little Mandarin but I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

2017 Spring Semester Editors


Celine Taylor Smith

If I could summarize everything about me into one sentence, it would be: I wear my heart on my sleeve. I came to Korea so that I could take part in a new culture, grasp a greater understanding of the lifestyles of others and find new ways to spread the love. My home university is in British Columbia, Canada where I am working towards a Bachelor Degree in Global Studies and French. I am thrilled to be having opportunities in Korea, and as a new member of the OIA team, I hope to be able to share my experiences with others, so you, too, can fall in love with the beautiful life you are living!

Lap Truong

안녕하세요! My name is Lap. It’s my second semester at CAU and as editor for this blog. Our team will work hard this semester and hopefully post a lot of content for our readers and viewers to enjoy. Please join us as we continue to explore South Korea.



Priscilla Romero


안녕! My name is Priscilla this is my second semester at CAU. I am an International Relations major with a minor in Race and Resistance studies at San Francisco State University. I choose Korea to study abroad because I wanted to experience a whole new culture different from my own, and with that I have learned to see the world around me as my classroom. I am looking forward in sharing my experiences through the blog and videos to  help on your journey abroad!

Nadira Abdi

KakaoTalk_20170315_130310155.jpgHello! My name is Nadira and I’m from San Diego, California. I am a senior at San Diego State University majoring in International Relations. This is my first semester at CAU! I choose to study abroad in South Korea because I was fascinated by the culture, food, and the nightlife. I deiced to pick CAU to continue my education because of both its location and the programs it offered to its students. Hopefully by attending CAU I will learn more about Korean culture and its people so that I am able help prepare you for your stay here in the future!


2016 Fall Semester Editors

kakaotalk_20161012_130628655Mary Yang

안녕! I’m Mary and this is my second semester at Chung-Ang University! I was an editor for this blog last semester and once again I am excited to be a part of it! I hope this blog has been helpful so far. Please contact us with any questions and topics you would love to see on our blog.  Let the journey continues!



Yen Lee

Hi! My name is Yen, yes, like the Japanese currency. I am a 1 semester exchange student from Winona State University in Minnesota, however, I’m a Malaysian citizen. My major is Marketing with a double minor in Mass Communications and in Japanese. I decided to study abroad in South Korea simply because I love Korean everything – language, culture, food, etc. I hope this blog helps a lot of you out there and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!



Lap Truong

LAP BLOG PICTURE LAWL.jpgHi everyone! My name is Lap. I was born in Vietnam but was raised in the California Bay Area. I am an Accounting major at San Francisco State University. I decided to study at Chung-Ang University after all the praise I’ve heard from it. I really hope you guys enjoy reading this blog as we share our advice and adventures throughout our time studying in South Korea.



Antonio Santiago

kakaotalk_20161012_131216323안녕 친구! I’m Antonio, a Political Science major from Georgia Southern University in the United States. I decided to come to CAU last summer and had no idea about Korea until I started reading up on blogs and such on the interwebz. Since they were my main source to help me get acclimated to this wonderful country, I thought I’d do my fair share and contribute through this website and through personal vlogs!


2016 Spring Semester Editors


Abigail Chadwick
Hi! I’m Abby and I’m originally from Alaska! I came to CAU on a semester exchange from Southern Utah University. I am majoring in Accounting with a minor in Spanish. I knew absolutely nothing about Korea before coming and am so glad I ended up at CAU! It has been a wonderful adventure and I hope this site helps you get a glimpse of what it is like to study in Korea!

Micheal Sagun
Aloha! I am Micheal Angelo Sagun and I am from Hawai’i. Yes, Hawai’i – The Paradise of the Pacific! I am an Exchange Student from University of Hawaii at Hilo, located at Big Island, Hawai’i. I am majoring in Biology and a Chemistry minor, Junior-standing student. This is my second semester here at CAU and it’s been a great experience so far. If you all have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or contact us. See you all around the campus!

Joseph Song
안녕하세요! My name is Joseph, from Hawaii the land of aloha, ohana, and Stitch. I am an exchange student here at CAU on a one-year program, studying Mass Communications. I’m excited to introduce this blog to you and hope that we can help you on your journey.

Mary Yang
Hello, I’m Mary! I am from Minnesota or as they call it Minnesnowta, Minnesota. I am a Marketing major and minor in Sociology. I am from Winona State University which is located in Winona, MN. I had originally planned to stay in CAU for only a semester, but I like it so much here in South Korea that I had decided to extend my stay. This blog is a great option for us to express ourselves and help you guys see what students like us go through and what an exciting moment this is for us.  Join us on our adventures!