Chung-Ang Univ Websites & Useful App

CAU Homepage (Kor / Eng / Chn )

Website where you can check official announcement by the school from the school

Chung-Ang Univ. E-Class( Only)

You can check your assignment and listen to lectures on this website.


중앙대학교 e-ID(Kor Only)


This is an official mobile student ID app that serves members of Chung-Ang University.

If you use Korean USIM (SKT, KT, LGT), you will be able to use your student ID in your phone, just by logging in

중앙대학교 좌석 배정(Kor Only)


‘Chung-Ang University Seat Allocation’ to reserve the desired seat

LearningX student


This application helps you to attend lecture on your mobile phone.

CAU E-Advisor(Kor / Eng / Chinese )


You can share lecture schedule with friends.

You can check cafeteria’s menu for today

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