How to use library

Chung-Ang Univ Library

Reading Room: 08:00 to 22:00 Please issue a seat from the seat issuer.

How to get a seat –

Offline: Tag your student ID from the seat issuer, then click on the seat you want

Online: ‘Chung-Ang University Seat Allocation’ to issue the desired seat

Usage time – You can use it for 5 hours.

Extension – If you have 1 hour left, you can extend it. You can extend it twice in total.

You can extend it for 5 hours.

Going out – seats will be returned automatically if not returned within 90 minutes.

Since it is very, very competitive, be careful not to lose your seat!

Return – If you have finished using it, return it from the Application or the Seat Issuer.

The library reading room will be restricted for two weeks three times restriction

Material room

You can search for books, papers, and e-books on the library homepage.

If you need any data, you can borrow it from the library.

Undergraduate students can borrow 10 books for 14 days. You can extend it once and borrow it for 7 more days.

Graduate students can borrow 20 books for 30 days. You can extend it once and borrow it for another 15 days.

Exchange students are classified as undergraduates.

Semester (Shortened operation related to COVID-19)

Material room 09 :00 ~ 21:00 / (Sat 09 :00 ~ 15:00)

Reading room 08 :00 ~ 22:00

The library has a laptop reading room and regular seats.

Because of social distance, There aren’t many seats because we’re far away these days. So, in the library, in the cubicle, you can use a laptop like watching a video lecture.

Please use the library quietly.

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