Students Club at CAU

Clubs in Universities are often considered the best way to get integrated into the community and enjoy student life. And whadda’ya know CAU’s got a bunch of them! From music productionmagictheaterboard games, and dance, you’ll be introduced to many of them when the Club recruitment week swings by.

However, the sites are written in Korean. We will help translate in English.

Here is main page.

구기체육 / 레저

– There are clubs that enjoy sports that deal with the ball.

– That enjoys leisure sports.

기독교 / 종교

– It is a club that loves God and helps both religious and university life well.

– Clubs that find meaning in life through joyful religious activities

기악예술분과 / 연행예술분과

They are clubs that do musical instruments and performing arts activities.

무예운동 / 전통연희분과

There are martial arts, sports, and traditional festival clubs.

취미교양분과 / 문화창작분과

There are clubs where you can enjoy various cultural activities and hobbies.

Clubs that enjoys various cultural arts and creative activities.

사회연구분과 / 학술탐구분과

Clubs that study various problems in society

Clubs that engage in academic activities such as discussion,

experimentation, and creation

봉사분과 – volunteer clubs

Clubs that do volunteer work for others

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