National Health insurance Service

According to a change in national policy, all international students are subject to a mandatory subscription to the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), which is operated by the Korean government. This means that students will be automatically subscribed to the NHIS, even if they do not apply, starting from the date of their entry into Korea. A bill will be sent to their Korean address after their Registration Card is made. This address would be the one they use when applying for their Registration Card.

Students with NHIS will have the same benefits as Korean citizens, including dental and oriental medical treatment, health checkups, etc. There will be restrictions on health insurance benefits, visa extension, etc., if the fee is unpaid. In other words, students will not be able to extend their study period at CAU.

Since the fee is relatively high (approximately 40 USD per month), students can choose to obtain other private insurance plans in their home countries before coming to Korea. However, this would mean they would be deliberately choosing to ignore Korea’s national policy, and they will face the disadvantages mentioned above.

For all inquiries, students should visit the NHIS website, or contact the NHIS Customer Service (1577-1000, dial 7 for informational in foreign languages) or NHIS Foreign Language Consultation (033-811-2000) after arriving in Korea.

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