Not sure how the subway station works? Or how to ride a taxi? Or maybe you want to know the best place to shop and need a few tips on how to bargain? Maybe you don’t need help with any of that. Maybe you just want to go out and eat but have no one to eat with for the night! Well have NO FEAR, GLAM IS HERE!

So, what is GLAM and what does it stand for?

Well, GLAM stands for Global Ambassadors in CAU. GLAMs are student leaders who help mentor exchange students, with questions and assist them in adapting to campus life and to get accustomed with Korean culture. There are 24 GLAMs and you will find that they are just like you. They enjoy the college life, love to make international friends, learn your culture and of course, teach you theirs. They are your mentors and your friends and for many students, GLAMs are their very first Korean friends that they make here at Chung-Ang University.

So, what do they do?

First, like it is said above, they offer friendly advice and help for exchange students in adapting to campus and Korean life. Not only throughout the semester but also before their arrival to Chung-Ang University such as offering pre-arrival assistance and airport pick up. Second, GLAMs help operate a global lounge. A global lounge is a place where any student, an Exchange Student, International Student, or a Korean Student, can meet and interact by having a conversation in English or French (English lounge, French lounge). Also, Global Lounge offers K-Lounge for exchange students to learn Korean. Lastly, GLAMs organize some of the global activities like global fair, and cultural events and excursions. However, in 2020-2 and 2021-1 semester, a lot of things had to be changed due to COVID-19. So, let’s see what GLAMs do and what has been changed in 2020 and 2021 in more detail. 

Each GLAM is assigned to a certain number of exchange students. So this means that you have an assigned GLAM and usually you are able to interact with them through a chat app. Kakao Talk is an app commonly used in Korea to contact other people. GLAMs will usually contact you maybe a month to a week before your arrival in Korea. During that time, if you still have any last questions, it would be good to ask before leaving for South Korea. Upon your arrival, GLAMs will greet you at the Airport. If you arrive later due to a delayed flight or are scheduled to fly in on a different day, then you will instead, end up meeting them when you sign in at the dorm. In 2020-2 and 2021-1, all incoming travelers were subjected to mandatory 14-day quarantine and therefore, GLAMs could not greet exchange students at the airport. But instead, GLAMs helped them with the quarantine and arrival procedures indirectly through the chat app.

One of the Office of International Affair’s biggest events is the Global Fair in which CAU promotes their partner universities to local students on campus. In Global Fair, the exchange students are the ambassadors and help promote their home universities to CAU students. This event provides an opportunity for Chung-Ang University students to consider studying abroad and help to choose where they would like to study. It is held every fall as an offline event but in 2020, due to COVID-19, it was held online. You can read more about it on here.

 GLAMs are one of the best assets that CAU carries within the International Office. Not many study abroad programs provide global ambassadors that help you throughout your stay. These GLAMs are so helpful in many ways that you feel very fortunate to be studying abroad here at Chung-Ang. These GLAMs are literally just one Kakao text away if you need anything. From personal questions such as “where should I get a haircut?” or “would it be rude if I say this? How would you say it?” to asking “how was your day?” or “Do you want to grab dinner?” Get to know your GLAM and know other GLAMs too! They are all so helpful and sweet and are a blast to hangout with.

Unfortunately, in 2020 and 2021, global lounge, cultural events, and excursions are canceled due to COVID-19. Below are some past pictures of the activities that are canceled this year to give you an idea of how they used to be.

GLAMs waited at the airport and finally met up with the new, incoming exchange students.

They also work at the English lounge, the French lounge and at the International Office so you may find the GLAMs in any of these places.

Every semester there are 3-4 cultural events that are provided free of charge for exchange students. The GLAMs are a part of these events and are able to answer any questions you have about them. The sign-up for these events is usually in the International Office.

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