CAU Global Fair 2020

What is Global Fair?

Global Fair is a program where exchange students can introduce Chung-Ang University students their home universities. Chung-Ang University students can also get information on choosing a university to study abroad. At the Global Fair, CAU students have time to ask questions about the partner overseas universities that they are interested in, and learn about the exchange programs. It is a great opportunity to communicate with foreign students and to get more information about studying abroad or going on exchange.


Global Fair is an event held every fall, promoting Chung-Ang University’s partner universities and programs. Global Fair is mainly held in front of the Youngshin Hall, and exchange students from partner universities take charge of the booth and introduce their university to the CAU students. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the event was held in a non-face-to-face manner, via online, this year. When students participated in the Zoom meeting, they watched the introduction of each university and the interview video prepared by GLAM and exchange students. When CAU students asked questions, exchange students answered them. The 2020 Global Fair was held on December 1st, 2020, and about 350 students participated, which was a success!

In the 2020 Global Fair, students who went on exchange program abroad and who have participated in ‘working holiday’ shared their experiences as well.

What information can you get from Global Fair?

Interview videos and Q&A section provided information about exchange students’ home university or country, which are dormitory, security, price, climate, food, tourism, transportation, classes, post-corona school conditions, etc. Also exchange students’ thoughts and feelings after coming to Korea, reasons of choosing CAU for exchange program etc. were shared in 2020 Global Fair.

1. Exchange Student Session

In Exchange student sessions, the school introduction and QnA were conducted, and information about the exchange students’ school or country can be obtained mainly. They introduced brief information about schools, campus locations and facilities, dormitories, security, price, climate, food, tourism, transportation, classes, post-corona school conditions, etc.

2. Outbound Exchange and Working Holiday experience sessions

In the Outbound exchange and Working holiday experience session, they provided information about the schools and countries of students who have been on exchange. In the QnA, time, students were able to get information about the school, campus location and facilities, dormitories, security, prices, climate, food, tourism, transportation, classes, post-corona school conditions, etc.

3. Overseas Experience Session and the GLAM Session

In this session, the Office of International Affairs and the CAU international student ambassador, GLAM were introduced and the winter short program was promoted. We also had time to hear about GLAM’s overseas experiences (Germany, the United States, Malaysia, Brazil, China).

2020 Global Fair Souvenir

The souvenirs were delivered to all exchange students and CAU students who participated in the 2020 Global Fair.

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