The Best Way to Organize Your Belongings Before Leaving Korea

As the end of the semester is around the corner, most of you would prepare for your final exams and plan to purchase your flight ticket to go back home. Also, you would need to pack your belongings and clean up some unnecessary goods. If you stay in CAU dormitory or houses elsewhere, this post will provide you some helpful information on how to organize your belongings.

How to Get Rid of Your Trash (CAU Dormitory)

  • In CAU dormitory, each floor has a recycling bin area where you can throw away your unneeded items. When you throw away some trash, be mindful that you have to recycle them based on different types of products(plastic, paper, etc.).
  • On moving out day, there would be a sizable garbage can in the lobby, so you can get rid of your trash there as well. Staffs will change plastic bags often on that day so that students are able to conveniently throw away unnecessary goods.

How to Organize Your Clothes

Students staying in CAU Dormitory

  • In Building 309, the recycling area has a bin that is specifically for getting rid of clothing. If you have some clothes that you want to be recycled, you can put them in that bin.
Recycling Bins in Building 309
  • There are also clothing collection boxes around the campus, so you are able to put the clothing away in the boxes as donations. Remember that the clothes are sent as donation, so apparels that are too dirty or worn out would not be acceptable.
Clothing Box Nearby CAU Back Gate
Located on the way to Sangdo SH VILLE Apartment

How to Donate Your Belongings

If you are willing to donate your belongings as you prepare to leave Korea, there are several places you can donate them. Below are all the examples of places that take donations of new and used goods.

Recycling Stores and Clothing Collection Bins

  • Beautiful Store(아름다운 가게)
  • Itaewon Global Village Center
  • Yeoksam Global Village Center

For further information, click here to learn more about the options to donate your goods.

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