How to Learn Korean at Home?

Learning Korean has huge incentives, we all know this. When you begin learning 한글 (hungul) it all seems too easy. As you move to more complex grammar and vocabulary, everything seems to get a bit blurry.  In this post, I’m going to share some online resources you can use to get ahead.

  1. King Sejong Institute(세종학당)

There is a King Sejong Institute website (
u/home/, which is made by Korean public institutions. It provides integrated information about Korean language and Korean culture to Korean learners. You can freely use it whenever you want, because It is compatible for both PC and mobile environments. For your information, a few services require you to sign up first in order to utilize the service.

It provides a foreign translation service in English, Chinese and Spanish languages. You can select one suitable language for yourself. If you have learned Korean before, it is good to check your level by taking a level test. Do not worry even if you do not have any idea about Korean. There are nice Korean lectures for all Korean learners; introductory, beginner, intermediate and advanced. As lots of E-books for the lectures are also prepared, learn Korean as much as you want!

Moreover, it introduces some applications for vocabulary training, conversation/pronunciation and grammar training. By utilizing all these resources, I am sure that your Korean skills will improve. If you think this is not enough, you can also experience Korean culture through videos and cartoons. They cover from general information about Korea to various social aspects.

  1. HelloTalk(헬로우톡)
하얼빈 어학연수 가중어학당 +30~31일 : 주말, 헬로우톡

Imagine you have Korean friends, and you can hang out together! HelloTalk would be a great way to learn Korean by having actual conversation with Korean people. It is an application for language exchange. You can chat with Korean friends who want to learn your language.

When you set your language level, you can look for your partners. If you find someone, you can start a conversation right away. Your partner would help you make fluent sentences like native speaker. A translation service is always ready for you in case you cannot understand what your partner is saying. In addition, you can see people close to you depending on your location. Now, you have Korean friends, so enjoy hanging out and talking with them in Korean and your language!

  1. In case you are preparing for the TOPIK exam, you can solve past papers, through the following website. You will be given the exacting timing to solve and at the end you can get your result.
  1. Korean Culture Series & Quick Korean – YouTube channel

This YouTube channel goes from levels 1-4 in Korean. Teaching beginner levels in English, Spanish, Chinese and more. A very comprehensive virtual class that is free and only requires your willingness!

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