How to survive as a Vegan at Seoul Restaurants and Cafes near Campus

If you are a Vegan struggling at Chung-Ang University when it comes to your meals and food options, you came to the right place. I’m sure most of you are having a hard time finding the right place for a “good vegan meal”. So here are some options you can look into around Heuk-seok campus. It is a confident statement that these are pure, affordable, and of course, delicious vegan dishes that you can try during your time here.

           If you ever try 우부래도(OOhbreado), you’ll be amazed by how vegan bread WITHOUT non-vegan ingredients can be so delicious. Milk, egg, butter, honey, gluten, sugar are ingredients that are NOT included in 우부래도’s bakery. It is made out of 100% Korean, brown, and black rice; as well as whole wheat. So it is not only vegan, but also good for people with allergies and atopy. There is also a beverage menu, and a lot of terrace tables. So, if you’re tired of eating the same old salad, you can try 우부래도.

           If you are a Sangdo-rian (a person living in Sangdo), Itaewon is probably the second closest town you can experience heartily and bodily. Meaning, let’s move on to Itaewon for a fancy restaurant where you can hang out with friends or have a date with your partner with a nice vegan meal. Vegetus, as you can see it in the name, is a vegan restaurant located in ‘Yongsan-Gu, Itaewon’. The chef here has suffered from a severe eating disorder, in which she can’t digest any meat or dairy product. Since then, she is running a restaurant where they serve 100% Vegan dishes and dessert. The interesting part is that she considers vegetarianism as: “some kind of lifestyle which can flexibly change according to a circumstance”. She considers vegetarianism as an option that anyone can choose from time to time for oneself and our planet.

           If you’re the kind of person who prefers a quiet and calm place, rather than the busy “Hongik Univ. station” lifestyle on a Friday nights, Yeonnam-dong is what you’ve been looking for. Located here, Panhonesta is waiting for you. This place also doesn’t use any flour, sugar, dairy, or egg product; but, has a wide range of choices on the menu. The chocolate tart is one of the best menu items here!

           No matter what kind of reason you have for being a vegetarian, I hope you’ll enjoy the variety of dishes in Seoul as well. And don’t forget to share your moments with others on campus!

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