During fall semester, one of the Office of International Affair’s biggest events is the Global Fair in which CAU promotes their partner universities to local students on campus. In Global Fair, the exchange students are the ambassadors and help promote their home universities to CAU students! This event provides an opportunity for Chung-Ang University students to consider studying abroad and help to choose where they would like to study. In this fair, CAU students are able to ask any questions regarding the partner universities, and get to know more about them. In addition, CAU students can get chances to have one on one conversation with the foreign students who can help them feel more comfortable and excited about studying abroad.


For the foreign exchange students from partner universities, they are able to volunteer for promoting their universities. Before arriving in Korea, the partner universities study abroad offices would provide some promotional brochures and anything that would be helpful in the Global Fair – brochures, freebies, handouts in advance. Otherwise, the materials would be directly sent to Office of International Affairs in CAU, so it would be possible for the students to get some materials in advance. Furthermore, CAU students who already went for exchange programs can also participate in Global Fair. They can share their experiences while they studied in the partner universities for one semester or two semesters. CAU students will be able to obtain fruitful information based on their real life experiences of studying in the partner universities.


2019 CAU Global Fair was held on November 5th  at the central square in front of Youngshin Hall of CAU Seoul Campus, ending with great success. The theme was “Go Outside the Box!” About 280 foreign students from 125 partner universities from 36 countries participated in this event. Exchange students from each country ran one booth for each university to promote their universities. There were also booths for CAU students who went for their exchange programs and wanted to share their experiences to other CAU students.

Click here to watch a video of the Global Fair 2019!

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