Tips for Upcoming Exchange Students

Here are some things that you should know before coming to South Korea or anywhere for an exchange!

  1. Make sure all your paperwork is correct

Studying abroad requires a lot of paperwork so make sure to fill them out correctly,  double-check each time and of course, please fill it out with a black pen. 


  1. Be mindful of due dates

Due dates are very important, missing due dates will not only create a problem for you but for other people too, so, write a little reminder for yourself when things are due.  


  1. Pack Properly

I wish someone would’ve reminded me about this before I came here because I packed three full suitcases and realized that I only have two hands to carry the suitcases when I was on my way to the airport. So I recommend packing one full suitcase of all your necessities and maybe have another almost empty suitcase because I promise you will do A LOT of shopping when you are here in Korea. Lucky enough for me I have a friend who was staying here for the winter break, so I can leave some of my stuff with her in her dormitory while bringing the rest of my stuff back to America. Winter in Korea can get pretty cold, so pack a coat and appropriate clothing for the weather.  


  1. Learn to Budget 

The money that you save for studying abroad can be used up quickly if you don’t spend wisely. Have a limit on how much you can spend every time you go out and track your spending. Learn how to budget and stick to it. 


  1. Get out of your room and go travel

Plan where you are going to go to and things you want to try because sometimes you will lose your motivation to do things and end up staying in your dorm room all day. If you are coming for the fall semester I would recommend planning a trip for Choseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), like to either go to Jeju or Busan or nearby Asian countries. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know about this holiday and by the time I realized it, all the train and plane tickets are booked already.      


  1. Don’t forget to Study!

Even though all you want is to travel and have fun, let’s not forget that you still have to take classes, testes, and do homework, you won’t want to lower your performance in school. Make sure to have a day where you can get everything done. 



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