Bike Ride to Dumulmeori


Plan a day-trip to Dumulmeori! Fall is a great time to bike along the river and enjoy the scenery of colorful trees. Dumulmeori means “two water area” refers to the place where the Bukhan River and Namhan River intersect to make the famous Hang River of Korea. Bukhan river flows through both North and South Korea while the Namhan River flows only through South Korea. It is also where you can see North and South Korea come together.     

You can start your trip by taking 1 hour and 23 mins on a subway from Sangdo to Paldang Station and you will arrive at your starting point. Just around the corner outside the station, you will find a bike rental shop where you can rent a bike for an hour and it will cost 3,000 won but I recommend renting it for the whole day for 12,000 won because you will be needing it to travel to Dumulmerori.IMG_9804.jpg

Before we start our biking trip we decided to eat at a place called Paldang Chogyeguksu (팔당초계국수). They serve cold noodles, warm noodles, and spicy hot noodles. The portion is pretty big it’s like two servings in a bowl, so I recommend sharing it with a friend.  


My friends and I planned on starting at Paldang and biked all the way to Dumulmeori. Along the way, we stopped to take a break at Nung Nae Station (능내역). It a defunct train station, now serving as a rest area and also displaying vintage photographs.  There are two cafes there, the one behind this museum-like building, it’s a fancy cafe, me and my friend, Nicole, couldn’t help ourselves but took a lot of pictures of each other in front of the cafe. Also right next to it, is a train car that was transformed into a cafe.



After the short break we had, we are on our way again to our destination! We went through Bukhangang Bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the river. What I love about the bridge is the rust on it which makes it unique and gives off a vintage feeling to it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it there and ended up at 두물경, but we could still see the wonderful view where the two rivers meet.

To be honest, I haven’t biked for years especially on a long trail like this before. The most I have ever biked was biking around the lake one time back in Minnesota when I was 12 and never biked again until I came here. So this was definitely an experience for me. On the way back to Yangpyeong Station, I did almost fell over my bike a couple of times on some really narrow pathway (don’t think we were supposed to bike on that) and I also crashed into some ajummas who was right in the middle of the path. 


Overall, the bike path over the river Namhangang is famous for its scenery, it’s a great place that’s worth going when you are in Korea. The path from Paldang Station to Yangpyeong Station is 27km for about 3 hours and then you will take a subway back to Paldang Station where you will return your bike to the rental shop. 

How to get there? From Chungang University, Sangdo station (Jangam) 19 stops to Sangbong station (Yongmun)
8 stops until Paldang Station.

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