Tips for: Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2019!

     The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is one of the most significant festivals in Korea, boasting 1.2 million attendees on average per year. Festivities last almost a full week, with the grand finale being the firework show this Saturday October 5th. First launched in the year 2000, Yeouido Hangang Park promises not only a thrilling fireworks display but numerous street food options, along with the opportunity to snag some glow in the dark souvenirs. Hanwha Corporation is hosting this year’s event. They promise 100,000 vivid firework blasts this  Saturday October 5th atop the Han River that is in sync with a multimedia show!

Date: 30th September- 5th October 2019

Firework Starting Time: 7:30

Location: Yeoido Hangang Park, Seoul

How to Get There: Yeoinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3 OR Shuanggang Station (Seoul Subway Line 9) Exit 3 OR Daebang Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) Exit 6

TIPS!  I’ve been lucky and have attended this festival once before in 2015. I severely underestimated the amount of crowds that would swarm the park! However, everyone is extremely polite and respect others personal space. During the firework show, everyone remains seated on blankets they brought to the park so everyone is able to enjoy the fireworks no matter how far you are. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of this festival.

Arrive early! I cannot stress this point enough. People arrive early in the morning on Saturday to grab a prime spot for firework gazing. Consider having bringing a picnic lunch or dinner to the park to enjoy with some friends. The great thing about this venue is that unlike waiting in line at a theme park, or in traffic, this wait is relatively comfortable as you get to spread out picnic style~

Bring a blanket to sit on and dress in warm layers! It is also prime weather for mosquitos, so the layers help to protect your skin. If you’re prone to bug bites go to a Korean pharmacy (약) and ask for 버물리.  Put it on immediately when you notice a bite and it helps with inflammation. Or get repellent (모기향)!

Bring Food and Games! To prepare for the long wait, bring a charged up laptop or tablet to watch a movie with friends, or if you have a friend with a Nintendo Switch…why not play just dance at the park? Perhaps board games or card games are more your style? Even an impromptu game of Heads Up can provide hours of fun. Most Koreans I see buy chicken and beer to enjoy some good company and conversation before the show. 


Head out and have a blast

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