2019 Sinchon Beer Festival! (A Review)

    I was lucky enough to attend the 5th annual Sinchon Beer Festival 2019! The event lasted all weekend, and this year spanned from Friday September 20th- Sunday September 22nd on Sinchon’s Yonsei-ro Street. The festival acted as a giant block party. The roads were all blocked off to provide room for a concert stage, food and beer booths, and hundreds of tables and tents. 

    The weekend was jam packed full of so many activities that even those who are not fond of beer (such as myself) had an extremely good time. Beer lovers were sure to be pleased by the 25 different breweries featured this weekend. Food carts graced the streets selling Korean, and “global food” items such as tacos, burgers, hot dogs, and fries. There were also plenty of dessert stands that included Oreo churros, soft serve cones, and hotteok. Those goodies were sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. The festival also featured live music performances, giant jenga games, private party tent rentals, and a Nintendo Switch “Just Dance!” competition.


These 4 attendees here traveled from California to Seoul (left to right; Cisco Chavez, Amara Alcayde, Daniela Escusa, and Allison Nguyen) and sampled the Jeju Hallabong Orange Brew and a Coffee Flavored Beer topped with whipped cream and cinnamon! These four adored the creative flavors.

I dropped by Sinchon to scope out the event for all 3 days to see if their were any noticeable differences. And I could honestly say that each day was fairly provided plenty of activities, food and beer choices. The only notable difference was that Saturday was the absolutely most crowded day.

Image result for sinchon beer festival

As far as Korean festivals in general go, I would say this is by far one of the least crowded ones. The festival itself only lasted from roughly 6PM-10PM, (although the parties definitely continued in the surrounding bars, restaurants, and clubs). It was relatively easy to find a table and chairs to sit and relax while munching on some snacks and sipping some beer.

Annually, you are able to buy tickets in advance (priced at 15,000 won each) that guarantee you multiple cups of beer (4-5 depending on the package) at selected stands for those with a special craving or preferred brewery! Reserved tickets sold out on average 24 hours before the selected day, so I would suggest buying reserved tickets at least 48 hrs in advance. Without the reserved tickets, per cup, beers run around 5,000 won each with snacks ranging from 4,000 to 8,000 won each serving.

This is a great opportunity for free entertainment, as there is no entrance fee to enjoy the live performances!  Beer lover or not, grab your friends and enjoy the fall weather, choose a snack, and rock out.

How to Get There:  Sinchon’s Yonsei-ro Street (Address: 03779  6 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul). To get there by subway, travel to Sinchon Station (Green Line) and depart from either exit 2 or 3), turn left immediately after exiting the station walk for about 3 minutes and you’ll arrive! Check out this Facebook page for annual updates https://www.facebook.com/shinchonbeer

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