Your First Week at CAU: From Airport Pick up to Orientation + Dorm Room Impression

Airport pickup:

NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation

Exchange students have the opportunity to sign up for Airport Pick up Service. You will receive an email from the Office of International Affairs around a month before you leave. GLAM’s (Global Ambassadors) will pick you up straight from the airport and help you to your dorm.  If you are uncertain about how to get to CAU or you want a free way to get to the university, you should definitely sign up for the airport pickup! Make sure to book your flight before signing up for the airport pick up, so you can choose the most suitable time for you to be picked up. 

The place where the GLAMs will pick you up at the airport will be stated in the email.

During the airport pickup process, you will meet your GLAM and other exchange students at a specific meeting spot at Incheon Airport (ICN). You will sign in by giving them your name and your passport information. After that, the GLAMS will lead you to a bus and you will be on your way to CAU!

When you arrive at CAU, you will get checked in by Korean students, you will get your room card key, and also learn how to get into your dormitory.  


My first impression of my dorm room:


I was surprised about how modern-looking my dorm room was compared to my cramped one back in the United States. The room looks very spacious. Right, when you walk in, you will pass by the bathroom and the shoe closet. Also, there are two beds and two desks, one for each person, as shown in the picture. 


NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

There will be an orientation after your move in. All the information will be given either through email or given it to you when you move in. The process of the orientation is going to last a couple of hours, so make sure to eat before. There will be a presentation about all the things that you need to know to get started as a CAU exchange student!

After a long night of orientation, they will give you snacks afterward

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