The Office of International Affairs (OIA) Resources & Contact

      Studying abroad can be a daunting venture, and there are bound to be numerous questions, concerns, and inquiries during your stay at CAU. And the OIA is here to support you during every step of the process.

     The OIA or otherwise known as the Office of International Affairs is located in Building 204 right in the middle of campus in front of the blue dragon pond. img_48541


     Chung Ang University is known worldwide for its excellent programs. Especially in the areas of theater, performing arts, traditional Korean music, and photography. The OIA wants to help students succeed by managing strong initiatives and partnerships with Universities around the world. The OIA is here to help manage the entire academic progress of international and exchange/visiting students in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

     Maxwell and Layla are Fall 2019’s OIA officers. Maxwell is from America and speaks Native English, and also studies Korean Language. Layla is Native Korean and also speaks French and Korean. They are here to help you achieve your academic goals, whether it be to enhance your cross cultural knowledge, leadership expertise, or linguistic competency. If you have any questions from tuition payments, class scheduling, or even joining a club, the OIA is here to support you. Never be afraid to come to the OIA and ask questions, everyone in this office wants to help you and see you succeed.

LOCATION: Building 204 in front of the Blue Dragon Pond. When you enter the building, turn left immediately at the Information desk.

There are a variety of Global Ambassadors who also work in the OIA!  Staff speak a variety of languages such as: Korean, English, Chinese & French. 

                                         Incoming Students:

                                        Outgoing Students:

                     CAU International Summer Program:

                            CAU International Winter Program:

                   International Undergraduate Admission:

                             International Graduate Admission:

         Other Matters including Partnership and Protocols:

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