A Guide to Chuseok Holiday Fun! (For the whole month of September)!

      Chuseok has come and gone, and with the national holiday comes the opportunity to rest, and perhaps hide from the rainy weather! Chuseok is often described as “Korean Thanksgiving”. Families gather to make special foods and give thanks to their ancestors. Customs range from holding memorials on Chuseok morning, to visiting hometowns, vacationing, or simply spending time with those close.

     Most international students are left with plenty of free time since they do not have relatives to visit within Korea. Just because the long Chuseok weekend has passed this month, it doesn’t mean that the celebrations have stopped. During the Chuseok holiday many places, such as amusement parks, museums, and aquariums remain empty not only for the Chuseok holiday, but for the rest of the month. Below are some special deals for foreigners during the month of Chuseok! This month is the best time to travel to what is usually Seoul’s crowded hotspots!

1.)~There are special deals for foreigners for Lotte World 9/6-9/22. Any foreigners living in Korea. Must present foreign passport when purchasing a ticket. A 50% discount! 

Lotte Chuseok Imagejpg

2.)~ Co-Ex Aquarium offers 20% off Sept 21-26. Screenshot of the Coupon suffices, however I would bring my passport just in case!
외국대사관용 추석

3.)~Everland Sept 2-22 up to 50% off. Rides are bigger, so thrill seekers should enjoy Everland a bit more than Lotte World. Plus Everland has started their Halloween Celebrations quite early, so jump in and get your Halloween fix with Everland’s Horror theme rides and spooky decorations.

Everland Discount

***The following Activities (4-6) can all be done in the same day if you wish. As all of these activities can be reached from the Anguk Station Subway stop (Orange Line). 

4.) ~ Cultural Activities & Palaces: Perhaps you aren’t much of a thrill seeker, but you prefer historical and cultural activities instead. We suggest a subway ride to Anguk Station (on the Orange Line).  Bukcheon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을) includes hundreds remodeled homes or “hanoks” that serve as cafes, restaurants, guesthouses, and cultural centers! A perfect mix of old and new culture is sure to grant the spontaneous visitor an afternoon of fun and exploration. Be sure to participate in the many cultural activities such as making bracelets, stamps, and paintings in the surrounding Hanoks.

Korean Tourist site “Visit Korea” suggests the 4 hour self guided walking Tour:

Anguk Station → Bukchon Culture Center → Gahoe-dong 11beonji → Hansangsu Embroidery Workshop → Gahoe Folk Drawing Shop → Bukchon Museum ‘Old Fragrance’ → Anguk-dong house of Yun Boseonga → Anguk Station

5.)~ Gyeongbokung Palace (경복궁)is not only a fantastic way to enjoy the aesthetics of grand structures and pavilions, but you can turn then enter one of the many Hanbok 한복 stores nearby and wear the Traditional Korean Hanbok while you roam the palace.

There are also two other palaces nearby, Changdeok Palace and Changgyeong Palace which have western style greenhouses and botanical gardens. 

6.) ~ Insadong (인사동) Insadong is a shopping square amidst the grand palaces. But, Insadong is quite different than the traditional western style shopping malls that paint the streets of Myeongdong and Jamsil. Insadong graces the visitor with alleyways of art galleries and traditional tea houses. There are in fact 100 different galleries that range from fine art, folk art, paintings and sculptures. Every Saturday 2pm – 10pm and Sundays 10am – 10pm the main street is blocked off and booths with traditional performances and exhibits are set up. After a busy day of walking and sight seeing, one can enjoy the plentiful options of street food Insadong has to offer. The area is known for its Korean taffy 엿, pajeon (green onion pancake) 파전, and mandu (steamed or fried dumplings) 만두!


No matter where you decide to visit, we assure you there are plenty to see, discover, make, and taste! So grab your passports and T-money cards and start exploring~

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