Directions to the Seoul Campus and Dorm

Once you arrive at Incheon airport, the longest part of your travel is over. This post will provide you with information and details of how to reach the Chung-Ang University Seoul Campus.
This link provides basic information about transportation from Incheon Airport to Heukseok station (one of the closest stations to the university).

Taxi Directions:
Here is the Dorm address in Korean: 156-756 서울특별시 동작구 흑석로 84

Subway Directions: You can take the airport railway from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport where you will transfer to line 9 and arrive at Heukseok station.

The link below will provide basic information about using the Subway, including how to buy a T-money card which is used for the train and bus.

Subway System guide

Bus Directions: From Incheon airport, there is a bus that will take you to Heukseok station for 10,000 won. The bus number is 6016.

Buses to and from CAU Back Gate

Directions to the Dorms From Heukseok Station (picture guide)

to campus 1

Airport Bus Stop

Once you arrive at the Airport bus stop, you will go to the left, toward heukseok station.

to campus 2

Heukseok Station Exit 2

Once you arrive at Heukseok Station Exit 2, enter the station. Inside is a CU convenience store where you can buy a t-money card, and machines to reload a card. There is also a global ATM where you can withdraw cash. From here, go to exit 3 and exit the station.

to campus 3

Heukseok Station Exit 3

Go right, out of exit 3 and cross the road.

to campus 4

Cross-walk to Bus stop

After crossing, turn left and the bus stop will be at the intersection.

to campus 5

Heukseok Stn. bus stop

At this stop, take bus 01, 10, or 21. These buses will take you directly to the campus front, middle, and back gate. You should ride until the back gate.

front gate

CAU front gate

to campus 7

Back gate bus stop

Exit at the CAU back gate bus stop and cross the street. The university will be on your left.

back gate

CAU Back gate



Directions to the Dorm(s)

to dorm 1

Back gate

To get to the dorms, walk straight along the path, toward building 310.

to dorm 2

Front of 310

Enter the doorway, are walk around the building.

to dorm 3

inside 310

to dorm 4

Through 310

If you enter, just walk straight ahead, and on your left – past the staircase – will be another doorway. Exit 310

to dorm 5

Back of 310

to dorm 6

To Check in area

Go to your left and down the hill to the base of building 308.

to dorm 7

B1 of 308

The check-in area will be inside these doorways, where the GLAMs will be waiting to welcome you!

to dorm 8

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