Innisfree Green Lounge at CAU

Imagine all the makeup at your hands that you can freely use. Or are you only looking for a quick touch up? The Innisfree Green Lounge at Chung-Ang University can offer you all of that and more!

This service offers students a cosmetic concept space which not only provides free cosmetic products but also professional beauty services. The zone is ideal for students because they can use the products freely without feeling pressured to purchase them.

Services for Men

The Green Lounge is open to everyone! There are products and services available for men! They range from skin-care to hair and facial grooming, providing you the basic package to achieve an overall fresh faced look.

Location and Hours of Operation

The lounge is easily located in front of the Centennial Memorial Building (Building 310 Floor B1). It is very accessible for students on the CAU campus. 

Hours of Operation (Weekdays Only)

– Semester: 10:00 – 21:00
– Vacation: 10:00 – 19:00


Powder Room

❥ Vanity set-up: mirror (big and close-up), lighting, testers, makeup holders, etc.

Lips and Nails

❥ Variety of lip products, nail polishes and manicure services


❥ Hair tools: curling iron, straighter, dryer and wax




The lounge offers services from professionally trained makeup artists, “Greeners”, who can help you with your beauty needs.

You would have to reserve a spot in advance by adding Green Lounge Chung-Ang University to your KakaoTalk Plus friends list. You can request a reservation on the same day, but it is better to request it ahead of time in case of busy peak hours!

Makeup Application Services

❥ Full-face makeup
❥ Interview makeup
❥ Party makeup
❥ Retouching

Approx. up to 1 hour

Beauty Services

❥ Nail and cuticle cleaning
❥ Eyebrow and facial grooming
❥ Skin diagnosis
❥ Fresh Beauty (Innisfree Linen Water, Mineral makeup, Hand cream and Sun cream)

Approx. up to 30 minutes


Cleanliness and Hygiene20157873_1745824422376773_395857837643650381_o.jpg

All products, tools and testers are consistently cleaned and sanitized throughout the day in order to maintain a hygienic environment. Also, personal makeup tools are sterilized, which usually takes up to 3 minutes.





The Green Lounge specifically uses
Innisfree makeup products, which is a very notable brand in the South Korean cosmetic and beauty industry. They are known for their eco-friendly ingredients and naturalism-oriented cosmetics.



CAU Blue Mir Facebook Page

The Chung-Ang Herald: The Innisfree Green Lounge

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