Must Have Souvenirs to Buy in Seoul!

So you’re done here in Korea and are getting ready to go back home. You’re looking forward to seeing all the loved ones you left behind in your home country, and they’re excited to see you, too. However, you don’t want to return to them empty handed. You want to bring them back something that really says, “I went to Korea!” but what? Here are just a few ideas of some souvenirs that will absolutely impress everyone!



  • Traditional Korean Fan
    • Also known as Buchae, these hand-held fans are perfect for cooling you off on those hot days. They are beautifully made with Korean paper (hanji) and bamboo, and decorated with colorful paintings, writing, or embroidery.


  • Korean Snacks
    •  When I go back home my brother is getting the spiciest instant ramen Korea has to offer in his Christmas stocking. It is always interesting to see how your friends and family react to snacks they have never tried before. Korean chips, candies, and other snack foods are a fun way to introduce some of the culture you love to the people you love.




  • Socks
    • Everyone likes socks, and in Korea you can find a multitude of different designs for really cheap! They’re easy to find at any Daiso or street-side vendor.





  • Ginseng
    • Korea is specially known for its Ginseng. If you want to bring back something healthy for your parents to use, you may want to consider this. There are several types of Ginseng you can buy: raw and unprocessed ginseng, dried ginseng, and steamed-then-dried ginseng. If you buy it like this, it can be a little expensive. If you want a cheaper alternative, then there are ginseng teas, gummies, and vitamin drinks you can buy.




  • Skincare
    • Korean skincare is a huge industry in Korea, and for good reason. The most popular skincare souvenir is face masks, but you can also easily fit moisturizers, toners, and even makeup products in your suitcase without taking up much space at all.





  • Traditional Korean Pouches
    • Also known as Fortune Pouches, these were once widely used back when everyone was wearing traditional hanbok, which had no pockets. These pouches are thought to bring good luck and are typically embroidered with lucky symbols.



  • Hanbok
    • Hanbok is the traditional attire of Korean people. This is something you would get for someone who is really interested in partaking in Korean culture. The dresses are beautiful and you can see people walking around in them if you go to any historical sites in Korea. 





  • Bookmarks
    • Even if your friends or family don’t read very often, everyone appreciates a pretty bookmark. They’re not only a cheap souvenir, but they’re useful in everyday life.








  • Korean Stamp
    • In Korea, people often sign official documents with their own stamp. You can customize a stamp and give it to someone as a really unique gift. It can be a little pricey depending on the material, but they’re small and easy to transport.




  • Korean Tea
    • You can easily bring tea back on the plane. One popular tea in Korea is Jujube Tea, made of Korean dates that are similar to apples when they are raw. Buckwheat and plum teas are also very popular.








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