KTX Train



LET’S KORAIL! Korea’s best and most used transportation when it comes to travelling from one city to another. The Korail Train system allows both domestic and foreign travellers to commute interstate within a timely manner at a reasonable price. 



  • Built in 1992, the KTX first started it’s high-speed rail lines from Seoul to Busan. It made it’s full running service debut on April 1, 2004.
  • The average KTX train travels at the speed of 305 kph (190mph), the maximum speed runs up to 330kph (205mph).
  • KTX’s popular stations are situated at Seoul Station, Busan Station, and Daejeon Station.

Photo from Rail.Ninja


  • Two types of seats
    • First Class
    • Standard
      • Standing or no reservation seat
  • Direction of seat
    • Forward facing
    • Backward facing
    • Window seat
    • Inside seat
  • Prices



Types of Train


  • The KTX high-speed rail
  • Seoul-Busan takes approximately 2 hours and 18 mins
  • Light, quiet, and comfortable
  • Runs up to 305km/hr
  • Contains 935 seats and 20 carriages
  • Few power plugs between windows


  • More newly built trains
  • Power plugs for each seat


  • Opened in 1969
  • Was the fastest class of train before the KTX express
  • Seoul-Busan approx. 4 hours
  • Absence of standing ticket
  • Average speed of 150km/hr


  • A regional service with the lowest seat prices compared to the other trains 


Tourist Trains

  • O-train – Central Inland Circle Train
  • V-train – Baekdu-daegan Valley Train
  • G-train – West Gold Train
  • DMZ-train – Peace Train
  • S-Train – South Coast train
  • A-train – Jeongseon Arirang Train



How to reserve a seat Online



Online ticketing example after a successful purchase! (print or screenshot)


Process 1, 2, 3 of riding train

Please prepare to have your Passport ID ready to fill out the Ticket Reservation form. When reserving a ticket online, remember to keep a printed form or screenshot of your ticket! If you have lost your printed or screenshot of your ticket, don’t worry! Just go to one of the main ticketing office with your passport and an employer will help print an official ticket for you.

  • Overall, when riding the train – an official printed ticket is not needed as long as you know that you have purchased the ticket online and kept some form as a record to look at incase of any seat/carriage number mistake.


  1. Arriving at Seoul Station please find the main KTX station entrance 1
    1. Subway Station:
      • Take Line 9 (Heukseok Station) and Transfer to Line 1 (Platform 5) at Noryangjin Station to go to Seoul Station.
    2. Bus from Heukseok:
      • Take bus 151 and get off at “Garwol-dong” and walk approximately 4 minutes to the main entrance of Seoul Station.
  1. Read the KTX Screen Board to find your designated Platform Number.
    • Make sure that the time, date, and location of the ticket matches with one of those written on the board (as pictured above).
    • If you can not read the board, or are confused with which station you should depart from, please seek assistance at the “information centre” or at one of the ticket booths.
      • Show your ticket information or passport to the attendee and they will assist you with any queries.
  1. Arrive at your train track number at least 10-15 minutes early as the KTX trains leave on time and will not wait for any customers who arrive late.



    • If you have arrived late, you will have to purchase a new ticket for the next opening seat and time available at the main booth.
  • Please read carefully on which carriage number and carriage seat you are assigned.
  • If going to Busan on the KTX only, cities are announced on the overhead or shown on the small main screen – so keep an eye out for that.
  • Prepare to leave 5 minutes before your final destination as trains leave for the next city within a certain time frame.
  • If you are travelling to Busan from Seoul, Busan is the last stop and therefore you will not need to rush.


To reserve tickets in advance and online, click this link:



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