Counseling At CAU

If you feel like you’re having a rough time and think you may need some professional advice or counseling, then I recommend the Student Life Counseling Center. The University Student Life Counseling Center is located in building 310 room B208 on the Seoul campus. The Anseong campus location is [17546] Sukdong Street, Daedeok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 4726 Student Life Counseling Center. Here you can receive personal counseling to deal with emotional problems (such as depression, anxiety, and anger issues), personality problems, behavioral habits, interpersonal issues, romance and gender issues, and academic and career problems.



All counseling and private information is confidential. Individual counseling is conducted once a week for 50 minutes and the number of counseling appointments will be adjusted based on the progress of the ten sessions by both the counselor and the client. This counseling center also provides essential psychological tests for interpersonal counseling and interpretation to help solve problems. You can visit the center directly or apply through the counseling application bulletin board on the school website:

(The website is all in Korean, but if you right-click the webpage and click “Translate to English” then you will be able to understand the information provided.)


Some psychological exams they provide include:

Personality Tests-

(MBTI- It classifies the type of personality through four preference tendencies: energy direction (EI), recognition function (SN), judgment function (TF), and lifestyle (JP). These tests are useful for understanding your own innate psychological tendencies.)

(TCI- By measuring both temperament and personality, we comprehensively understand the effects of heredity and the environment. This is useful for understanding the individual’s way of thinking, emotional style, behavior pattern, interpersonal relationship, and preference tendency.)

(CST- Measures 24 personality strengths related to the six core virtues presented in positive psychology.)


Diagnostic test-

(MMPI-2: Examination to evaluate various psychological states of the individual such as depression, anxiety, and anger)

(K-BDI: Examination to determine degree and area of ​​depression)  

(K-BAI: Examination to determine degree and area of ​​anxiety)


Job interest test-

STRONG- A survey that provides reference materials for career planning and career choices by helping career choice and self-understanding by exploring individual personality, abilities, competence, and professional interests.


More information about the different exams provided can be found at the school’s website:


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