K-Lounge – Fall 2018

Do you want to learn more Korean? Well, you came to the right University! Chung-Ang University offers FREE Korean tutoring for exchange students from the Global Ambassadors (GLAMs).

You’re probably wondering, “Who are the GLAMs”?

GLAMs are native Korean students at Chung-Ang University who are working to help exchange students feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. GLAMS offer both the service of a friend and a helping guide for students at CAU.


The 7th Generation GLAMs.

< Click here to read more about a GLAM’s role at CAU >.

The Korean alphabet, also known as Hangul, is very easy and efficient to learn. Hangul was developed during the Chosun Dynasty (1392 – 1910) by King Sejong and scholars in order to help the Korean people express their emotions and thoughts on paper.  


Don’t worry about the level of your Korean! The K-Lounge offers basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of learning.


Basic Level: Learn about the traditional Korean culture, have an introduction to Hangul, & learn helpful phrases.

Intermediate Level: Where you engage in conversations.

Advanced Level: Where you discuss and debate about certain topics. 


Location: Global Lounge (English, French, and Korean) is located on the left side of Building 204 (Library).

Time: 9AM – 10AM, Monday to Fridays.


*This is the fall 2018 schedule and is subject to change. This is simply an example.


Please refer to this link < click here > for to learn more Korean through CAU’s online library system.


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