Seoul City Tour Bus

Also known as the Seoul Tiger Bus, you can take this bus to different places around Seoul for sightseeing without having to worry about transportation to each site.


There are seven courses you can participate in, all at different prices and covering different areas of Seoul. There will be no need to worry about language barriers during these tours because the bus offers individual headphones that conduct the tour in 12 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, and Malaysian. The buses are also equipped with free wifi, so you can feel at ease posting your pictures to sns as soon as you take them.


  • Course A: Downtown Palace Namsan Course (adult: 18,000KRW) 22 destinations on this course, with buses running every 30 minutes.
  • Course B: Panorama Course (adult: 18,000KRW) 16 destinations with buses running every 45 minutes.
  • Course C: Around Gangnam (adult: 12,000KRW) 21 destinations with buses running every hour.
  • Course D: Night Course (adult, 15,000KRW) See the night view of Seoul and the Han River. 30 minute photo times at Sebit Island, Namsan tower, and Dongjak bridge. Covers 12 destinations and the bus only leaves once a day at 8pm.


If you don’t want to choose just one course, there are package courses such as:

E course- covers Courses B and C (adult: 22,000KRW)

F course- covers Courses A and B (adult: 28,000KRW)

G course- covers Courses A, B, and C (adult: 35,000KRW)


They also have Special Packages:

Seoul Special Pack: (42,000KRW)

Gold Night Pack: (29,000KRW)

DMZ Tour Pack (39,000KRW)


For detailed information you can visit the Seoul City Tour Bus website at:


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