308 Cafeteria

This cafeteria is practicing the best cleanliness, hygiene and safety for public health during the pandemic situation. There are clear plastic boards in the middle of each table to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please, be aware of social distancing while eating here.

Here is a basic refresher on how the dorm cafeteria works. There will always be a schedule up for the meals being served for the week, including holidays. The schedule can be located next to the security desk. The schedule will be attached to a board by the front door entrance of the cafeteria.

Red: Menu

Blue: Security desk


As mentioned before in a previous blog, there  is an International side and Korean side, as choice of food.

The food is extremely cheap yet extremely fulfilling, especially with the unlimited option of sides.  Here are some examples on what to expect from the 308 cafeteria.


Korean 7:00am – 8:40am              International 8:00am – 9:00am

Meal choice 1                                 Meal choice 2             

Red pepper paste stew                 Toast (only the first item changes)

Steamed egg                                   Cabbage salad

Spinach salad                                 Cream soup

Rice/Kimchi      cal 628                 Cereal / Milk            cal 685


Korean 11:30am -1:00pm                            International 11:30am – 1:00pm

Meal choice 1                                                 Meal choice 2

Stir-fried pork & veg                                     Noodle soup with chicken

with soybean sauce (pork)                          Boiled dumplings                               

Sea mustard soup                                          Fresh kimchi

Seasoned bean sprouts                                     


Warning: Dinner time tends to get really busy, especially when they serve hamburger omelette!


Korean  6:30pm- 8:00pm                      International  6:30pm – 9:00pm

Meal choice 1                                          Meal choice 2

Stir fried squid                                       Hamburger Omelet

Soybean paste soup                               Rice

Seasoned Eggplants                               Miso soup                                             

Macaroni salad                                       Pickled Radish         cal 699

Rice                              cal 358                                                     

Food Review

Meal 1


Blue = Stir fried squid: spicy mild.

Red = Eggplants: a tang of sweetness.

Green = Kimchi radish: a bit of spice with pickled taste.

Meal 2


Blue = Omelette hamburger – the sauce has a similar taste to A1 sauce.

Red = Salad macaroni: similar taste to coleslaw.

Green = Kimchi: pickled taste with a bit of spice.

Black = Miso soup: mushroom taste.

Snack Menu

There is also a snack menu that is never changing but NEVER disappoints! If  you are not feeling the regular meals yet don’t want to eat outside campus, then the snack area is your spot. 

The snack line can be found inside of the cafeteria on the right side of the international line, next to the premium line (to find out more about the premium line check out this post: “Ballin’ on a Budget”).


Red: Snack line/insert ticket.

Blue: Premium line.


How to properly dispose your food

Once you finish eating, it is important to properly throw and put away your waste/ utensils.



Red: Put chopsticks.

Green: Put spoons and/or chopsticks.

Blue: Put knife/fork.



Green: This is where you will dispose of only leftover food.

Red:  This is where you will dispose of any plastic.

Blue: This is where you place paper cartons from milk or juice.

We hope you enjoyed your meal!

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