CAU Laundry 101

Laundry is an impending chore that all exchange students must face eventually. This blog post is a guide for your much-needed laundry days!

Location: 308 next to the student mailbox area

Hours: 5am to 1am every day

Cost: Wash (single load) is ₩1,000,  Dry (single load) is ₩1,000

Laundry Card

Before using the laundry room, students must purchase and reload a laundry card. The cost of a laundry card is ₩1,000 and you can reload it to your preference.

*Note: the reloading machine only accepts paper money, not coins money.

  1. Insert your ₩1,000 to receive 1 laundry card. The card will come out of the dispenser.
  2. To fill your card with money, insert your desired amount in the bill slot. After, tap your card where the red square box is located. You can check how much you have on your card by tapping again.
  3. When you are done using your laundry card at the end of the semester, you can follow the directions on the “Laundry Card Return Box”, which is located below the card charger.

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Using the Washing Machine

Tap your card on the card reader, add your detergent/softener and then choose your wash setting. Washing will take 50 minutes.

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Using the Dryer Machine

Tap your card on the card reader and then choose your dry setting. Drying will take 60 minutes. Before using the dryer, please check the lint catcher and clean it. 

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Hopefully this guide provides helpful instructions for you and your laundry days!

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