How to complete a CAU insurance claim

After visiting a health service some may be curious on what steps to take to complete a claim with their CAU insurance. This blog will provide details on how to complete your claim in order to receive your reimbursement.

Note: This guide is for students who have CAU insurance. Students have an option to register for CAU insurance at the beginning of the program. If you do not have CAU insurance, please contact your insurance company to discuss methods of filing a claim.

Before applying for the reimbursement you will need certain documents:

  • Claim report 
  • Hospital bill/receipt
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • A copy of your student identification card (student ID or certificate of residence)
  • A copy of your student bankbook
  • Medical certificate (only if the medical bill exceeds KRW 200,000)

How to Claim Insurance if visiting Chung Ang University Hospital

Once you visit the Chung-Ang University Hospital, you will need to let them know that you are insured under  Dongbu Health Insurance that is provided through Chung-Ang University and they will require you to make a payment first at the hospital. 

If you are paying for the treatment after seeing the doctor, you should bring your bank booklet with you.

After visiting the hospital, you will receive a treatment claim but you will not need to upload to the receipt. However, you should still log into your account to check whether your claim was automatically recorded. 

***There are language options on the top right corner**


To check your status, click on “My Information” and then “Claim Insurance Payment Status”. If successful, then you should see a blue circle on the right side under “Status”.

insuranceAlso when asked for proof of claim or documents from your home country, you could send a screenshot of this page as it provides your personal information.

How to Claim Insurance in General

  1. Login to the website: using either your student number or ARC number and password (Refer to the insurance sheet for your login and password given when you buy the insurance). Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.06.29 PM.png
  2. Click “My information” and click “Download Claim Report”. You will need to fill out and then print out all the information. Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.35.48 PM
  3. Prepare all documents that needed for your claim (you will need to individually scan or photograph each document).
  4. Compress all the documents into one file.
  5. Click “My information” and then “Upload Documents for Claims”..
  6. If there is no problem with your documents, you should receive your reimbursement within 2-5 days.


For more information on what is and how much is covered in the Dongbu Insurance, please refer to the orientation guidebook or insurance coverage list available on the Foreign Student Insurance site.



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