Student’s Perspectives of CAU – Brazil

On this week’s Students’ Perspective of CAU series, Brazilian student Igor gives you his thoughts about being an exchange student in Korea!

Can you please introduce yourself?


Igor at Namsan Tower

My name is Igor! I am twenty-two years old and from São Paulo, Brazil. My home university is Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and my major is International Trade. My major at Chung-Ang University is Business Administration.

Why did you choose CAU? How long will you be staying at CAU?

I came to CAU because my Korean friends recommended it to me as it was the best university out of my options. CAU also gives me more freedom to choose other subjects to study besides my major, it offers more of a variety of courses I can take. I will be attending CAU for two semesters. Roughly eight months since I will be traveling during the vacation.

What courses are you taking at CAU and are there any differences between CAU courses and your home university’s courses?

I am currently taking marketing, sales promotion, elementary Korean, and English speech interview. These courses are more of a variety compared to courses I would be taking at my home university. Only one course (marketing) is correlated to my major, and the rest are from Business Administration.



What do you think about CAU ‘s Blue Mir Dorms and what is your favorite aspect?

My favorite aspect is that it is on campus. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to class, therefore I really like it. The dorms also have a very good infrastructure. I like the fact that each room has its own wifi and that each floor has its own lounge equipped with useful amenities.

Would you recommend the dorms to future students?

Yes, of course! Dorms are definitely cheaper than renting a place in Seoul. Also, they have many services in the dorms such as the washers/dryers and the gym.



Igor enjoying the cherry blossoms

Igor enjoying the cherry blossoms

What cultural aspect of Korea fascinates you?

The respect people have towards one another and how honest they are. For instance, I am able to leave my stuff unattended without having to worry about it being taken by anyone. Also, many of the facilities we have are in good shape and are kept that way since I believe many students care for these amenities and they have in mind that other people will be using them.

What do you think is a cultural aspect of Korea that attracts foreigners?

I think the fact that Korea has both modern technological and traditional culture. Seoul is a big city where you have the palaces and temples, but you also have new upcoming technological innovations. It is both a modern and historical city.



Outside of class, do you participate in any clubs or groups?

Yes, I am an officer of CAU’s Korea Club and I also participate in the Table-Tennis Club. Korea Club is a club where we plan activities to help facilitate the exchange between foreigners and Korean students and create friendships. As an officer, we have meetings almost every Monday to plan the next event. I like being a part of Korea Club because I have made many Korean friends. The Table Tennis Club, on the other hand, is a club where meet once a week on Tuesdays to play table tennis.

Igor and the Table Tennis Club

Igor at the Korea National Table Tennis Competition

What’s your most memorable experience in Seoul?

My most memorable experience so far would have to be Korea Club’s MT (membership training). We went to a photography studio to take some professional pictures with all the officers. We also rented a party room and we stayed there the whole night eating, playing games, and singing. It was fun!


Igor and the rest of Korea Club

If you had to tell future exchange students to experience three things, what would they be?

  1. Hike a mountain.
  2. Travel outside of Seoul like Jeju or Busan.
  3. Go to Namsan Tower or Lotte Tower at least once on a sunny, clear day.
Igor and some friends enjoying the view

Igor and some friends enjoying the view

*Photos provided by Igor


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We hope to see you at CAU

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