LUCAUS Festival 2018

LUCAUS Festival

It is that time of the year again and LUCAUS Festival is right around the corner!  If you’re unaware of what LUCAUS Festival is, or if you don’t know what events are happening this year, keep reading this blog post to find out!

LUCAUS Festival is a week (sometimes two) full of fun events for CAU students to enjoy. It includes flea markets, food trucks, street performances, celebrity performances, and much more!

Check out the events below:



Monday, May 14th
Student Street Market
Public Performances (Busking)* (see below for more information)
Tuesday, May 15th
Student Street Market
Broadcasting Club/Live show
Flash mob
Wednesday, May 16th
Student Street Market
Food Trucks
Movie Night
Thursday, May 17th – Friday, May 18th
LUCAUS Festival Performances** (see below for more information)
Student Street Market
Student Performances
Food Trucks
Blue Dragon Singing Competition
CAU All Together

*Public Performances (Busking) 05/14

Location: Near Pepero Stairs (stairs in front of the Dragon Pond).

Time: 6:30 PM


✔ 잔나비 Jannabi

✔ 마인드유 Mind U

**LUCAUS Festival Performances 05/17 & 05/18

Location: near the front gate

Time: not specified

May 17th Performers

✔먼데이키즈 Monday Kiz
✔양다일 Yang Da-il
✔아이즈 IZ
✔슈퍼비 + 면도 Superbee and Myundo
✔에픽하이 Epik High

May 18th Performers

✔블랙핑크 Blackpink
✔도끼 DOK
✔선미 Sunmi
✔싸이 Psy

NOTE: For the celebrity performances, you will need to show your CAU student card at the gate to be able to attend the concert.

Click here to check out the CAU LUCAUS Facebook page for more information!


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