Useful Phone Applications in Korea

Are you a little unsure of how to navigate Korea? We’ve compiled the most important applications to have on your phone before you arrive!



Application Details:


unnamed KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-05-03-15-32-41_94.jpeg IMG_4841


This app is a must-have in Korea! Everyone uses it to communicate with each other and you will need it to contact your GLAM and vice-versa. Sharing your location and voice calls are also available over KakaoTalk making it easy to communicate even if you don’t have a cell phone number. It is common to have multiple group chats with your friends in order to easily communicate matters and plan outings.

Download: Android | iOS


unnamed-1 IMG_4837 IMG_4836


Need to know how to get somewhere in Seoul? Just tap the beginning and ending station and KakaoMetro will show you the quickest route. It can also show you the route with the least amount of transfers. KakaoMetro shows you which train door is closest to transfer to shorten your time! Also, the app works offline so you can use it if you don’t have a steady connection.

Download: Android | iOS


48312b556b31259742f7b5141092daa7 IMG_4789 IMG_4839


As you probably already noticed Google Maps and Apple Maps don’t work in Korea. Google Maps works a little but only for public transportation and it will not give you walking directions. But fear not because KakaoMap is in English and it is easy to use. It works similarly to Google Maps. Just search for where you want to go and it can give you walking or public transportation directions. Also, the app tells you an estimated price for a Kakao T.

Download: Android | iOS


unnamed-2 IMG_4843 IMG_4844

Kakao T

Kakao T (formerly KakaoTaxi) is Korea’s answer to Uber. Uber exists in Korea but only UberBLACK, which is absurdly expensive. Kakao T is cheaper and the quickest way to get around, especially if you miss the last train. You can input your destination and request a taxi to arrive at your location.

Download: Android | iOS


0x0ss-85 IMG_4850.PNG IMG_4846

unnamed-3 IMG_4848 IMG_4847

Google Translate & Papago

Coming to a country that uses a completely different language is difficult so you may not know how to read any of the signs. Google Translate works great for taking a picture of Korean texts and then translate that text into another language. Or, if you need to convert your writing into Korean, Google Translate can easily assist you.

But for translation features, Papago is better as it was designed by Koreans. So, the translation app processes conjugations better and has a better vocabulary. Often Google Translate will give unconjugated sentences.

(Google Translate) Download: Android | iOS

(Papago) Download: Android | iOS


unnamed.png 690x0w.jpg 4f3e79ba4ee15bd4f1a0d6567e3d0164.jpg


You will most likely have to use e-ID for the first month of attending classes at CAU. You can use e-ID to check in for attendance, as most professors use the e-ID instead of calling roll. You can also use it to reserve a spot in the library to study. But for more information, visit our guide for e-ID here.

Download: Android | iOS

We hope these apps help you during your stay in Korea!

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