Student Responsibilities and Etiquette at CAU

This blog is dedicated to current and future exchange students at CAU as a reminder of their responsibilities and actions as students on campus.


When arriving at CAU, exchange students start off the year with a mandatory orientation about the semester or year to come. The orientation offers a guidebook which includes information students will need throughout the semester. This guidebook covers various topics from dormitory rules to basic manners in Korea.

The orientation also lectures students on their responsibilities and informs them about important dates to remember. 



To get you on the right track to a good semester or year, or to refresh your memory as a continuing student, here are five points to consider;

1. CAU can assist, but students’ have the main responsibility

In other words, as a student, you are obligated to handle your responsibilities. Please do not expect the GLAMS, OIA,  or CAU to handle your personal responsibilities.

For instance, you are liable for obtaining your alien registration card on your own and paying your fees on time. OIA is not liable for any bank issues, dormitory responsibilities, mailing services, and absences from class. The GLAMS, OIA,  and CAU will do their best to guide and help you with any questions or concerns you will have but are not the main responsibility holders. 

2. Check before asking Inbound

Although Inbound will do it’s best to answer your questions and concerns, please take into consideration that Inbound receives multiple emails every day. If you have questions or concerns, take a look at the guidebook beforehand, most likely the guidebook has the information you are seeking. If you still find yourself with questions or concerns, please consult with your assigned GLAM.

3. Attendance is Important 

Attendance is very important at CAU. Even though your home university may not be as strict with this policy, you are a student at CAU for the time being; therefore you should follow the regulations and attend every class unless in case of emergencies. CAU has a school rule stating that if you are absent for 4 or more of the classes you will fail the course. Even if you complete all assignments, take the quizzes, midterms, and finals, three absences or more will still result in an automatic fail.

Remember that CAU also takes electronic attendance, unless your teacher states otherwise. There are two ways to take attendance. The first way for marking attendance is using your ID card. When arriving to class you can use your ID card to mark your attendance by placing the card on the machine next to the door. Since exchange students do not receive their ID cards until after classes begin, another way to mark your attendance is through the CAU E-ID app.

Once you log into the E-ID app you can tap on the small square at the top right-hand corner and use the barcode under your picture and information to mark your attendance for class.

IMG_2692 copy


To learn more about how to create your E-ID account, take a look at “HOW TO USE E-ID AND RELATED APP TO RESERVE A SEAT AT CAU LIBRARY”.

4. Be Respectful

As an exchange student at CAU, you are a representative of your university and community. Your actions will determine the future relations CAU has with your home university. Therefore, it is extremely important to respect others.

With that being said it is fundamental to be respectful in a classroom setting. Remember to not speak while the professor is instructing, use devices that will distract you or others from learning, and to follow classroom rules.

Coming to a new country comes with the responsibility of learning the differences in the cultures. To learn more about etiquette and basic manners in Korea please refer to your guidebook from pages 77 to 79.

5. Follow Campus Rules/Deadlines

Lastly, follow campus and dormitory rules and regulations. As mentioned earlier, you are a representative from your home university and community. Misbehavior on campus and dorms can result in expulsion.

 Disqualifications for Dorms are those who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Those who have faced a disciplinary action under the school regulations
  • Those who accumulated enough penalty points to face disqualification
  • Those who have infectious diseases or failed to submit requested medical records
  • Those who made application through a wrongful means
  • Those who are considered not eligible for reasons other than listed above

More information concerning dormitory rules and regulations can be found in your CAU guidebook, appendix #1 (pgs. 45-52).

Another very important responsibility is following deadlines. Students will receive assignments and obligations, and whether it is in a class setting or a duty from CAU, deadlines should be met. If for there is a valid reason that a deadline is not met, please consult with the professor or assigner.

CAU wants students to enjoy the exchange program! With the assistance of these rules and regulations, CAU hopes your time in Korea is a time of personal and cultural growth!


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