All About Your Woori Bank Card

Before arriving to Chung-Ang University, or even throughout the process of applying for your Woori Bank Card, you may have some questions regarding this bank card. This blog post is made specifically to answer some of your questions.

The Woori Bank card is mandatory to open as it is the ONLY bank that you can use to pay for your dormitory fees at CAU. Not only that however, you can use this as a regular debit card when you go out and as a T-money card. During orientation, the GLAMs are there to show you a step-by-step process to open your bank account.

After filling out the application form during orientation, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to get your bank card. Therefore, you should prepare your money situation in advance. Once you get an email from inbound, you can stop by the office to pick up both your bankbook and bank card.

How to Use your Woori Bank Card to Pay for your Dorm Fees:

image_123986672Upon receiving your bank card and bankbook, you will also be given your dormitory invoice. Once you receive this, you should have the sufficient amount of money in your Woori Bank card to pay the dorm invoice. 

It is recommended that you pay your dorm fees in person at Woori Bank. This is because they are able to help you with the entire process and they can speak English as well. You are able to pay off your fees at an ATM, but going in person is a better option than worrying if you’ve paid it off correctly at an ATM.

To do this, just visit the Woori Bank near the front gate of CAU and take a number slip (from the machine in the picture above) for service. You can ask a bank clerk for help if you need it.

How to Check the Balance on your Debit card:

To check the balance in your account, you can go to an ATM to do so.

Checking your Balance Through an ATM: 

  1. Click “Foreign Language”
  2. It may pop up again, so click “Foreign Language” again.
  3. Select the Language you would like.
  4. Click “Domestic Bank Card”
  5. Click ‘Balance Inquiry’
  6. Insert your Woori Bank card and enter your PIN.
  7. They will then show you your card balance.

How to Withdraw Money from your Bank Card:

You can visit any Woori Bank ATM and withdraw money, or even in person. 


Woori Bank ATM’s are scattered all over campus!


How to use the ATM: 

  1. Click “Foreign Language”
  2. It may pop up again, so click “Foreign Language” again.
  3. Select the Language you would like.
  4. Click “Overseas Bank Card” if you are withdrawing money from your overseas (home country) bank card, or “Domestic Bank Card” if you are withdrawing money from your Woori Bank card.
  5. Once you do this, it will ask for the purpose of you using the ATM. Click “Withdraw” either from your checking or savings account.
  6. Insert your debit card.
  7. Enter your pin.
  8. Select the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  9. There is an option of receiving either all your money in 10,000 won or 50,000 won. You can choose which bill you’d like or how much of each bill.
  10. Click ‘Confirm’.
  11. At this moment, the ATM will process your request. Once it is processed, it will return your debit card and receipt. Shortly after, you will receive your money.
  12. You’re all done!

If you would like to visit Woori Bank in person, you need to take a number slip and wait for your turn in line.

How to Transfer Money to Another Account:

If you would like to transfer your money into another account, you can visit an ATM machine to do so. To elaborate, making a transfer to another account is used mainly for online shopping or as an e-transfer to another person’s bank account. You can also find how to do this in the guidebook (page 23) given to you during orientation. 

How to Transfer your Money into Another Account:

  1. Click “Foreign Language”
  2. It may pop up again, so click “Foreign Language” again.
  3. Select the Language you would like.
  4. Insert your card and type in your pin when asked.
  5. Click ‘Account Transfer’
  6. Select the name of the receiving bank.
  7. Enter the account number of the receiver.
  8. Press ‘Confirm’
  9. Press ‘Won’ –> ‘Confirm’

MAKE SURE that the name of the account matches your intended receiver. Always double check that you punched in the correct information.

How to Receive an Overseas Transfer from your Home Country:

To receive an overseas transfer from your home country’s bank, you will need to call your home country to do so. It will take a few business days for the money to arrive in your account, therefore make sure to plan accordingly. If it takes more than a week for your money to be transferred into your account, go into Woori Bank and ask them to track where the money is. The information that your home bank will need is:


Go to page 24 to read about how to do an overseas transfer!


  • Name of the Bank
  • Address of the Bank
  • Your Name
  • Your Address (same as Address of the Bank if you live in the dorms)
  • Your Bank Account Number (# in your bankbook) 
  • Swift Code

After receiving your orientation guidebook, there is a section that gives you all the information you need to transfer money into your Woori Bank card from your home bank card. You can refer to that section of your guidebook to get the swift code and address of the bank for your overseas transfer.

How Students Typically Deposit Money into their Woori Bank Account:

Many students here at CAU do not choose the option to receive an overseas transfer from their home country as they don’t have the option to call their home bank. Instead, they would bring their home country’s bank card with them, withdraw money from the ATM machine, and then deposit that money into their Woori Bank Card. You can do this by visiting a Woori Bank ATM machine.

How to Put Money into your Woori Bank Card:

  1. Start by following the steps from the “How to Withdraw Money from your Bank Card” section. Withdraw the amount of money that you require. 
  2. After getting the money you withdrew from your home country’s bank card, deposit it into your Woori Bank account by depositing it into that card. 

Where to find Woori Bank and their Hour of Operations:


If you do not already know where Woori Bank is, it is located at the front gate of CAU. It is in front of the R&D Center (Building 102) right next to the McDonalds. If you look at the picture of the map, that is how far it is from the CAU’s Office of International Affairs.

To save you the trip of going to Woori Bank when you don’t know when it is open or closed, below is their operating hours!

Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm, ATM service is able until 11:00pm.

Note that you may be charged a small fee for withdrawing or transferring money after regular business hours (9:00am – 5:00pm) at an ATM.


How to Use your Woori Bank Card as a Transportation Card: 

Fun fact: You can use your debit card as a ‘T-money’ card now! The benefit of this is that you don’t constantly need to visit the closest convenience store to refill your T-money card anymore. Instead, you can tap your debit card on the subway, and on the 14th of every month, the bank will deduct the amount of money you used on transportation from your bank card instead. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of funds to pay this off!

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