CAU Centennial Year

Chung-Ang University has celebrated its 100th year anniversary! Most of you may want to know more about the history of CAU and how it has slowly developed into the wonderful university it is today. Also, there are certain monuments around the university that you’ve probably seen before but didn’t know there was a history and a meaning behind them. The importance of the Blue Dragon will be explained! It is believed that the globe the dragon is sitting on is a time capsule containing documents and unknown treasures. To commemorate CAU’s Centennial Year, CAU has hosted the 2018 QS Apple Conference!

Here is a little history review of CAU:

1 updated with r&D

2 updated with r&d

cau logo.PNG

In 2018, CAU’s Centennial Year was commemorated. In honor of this, the 2018 QS Apple Conference was held in Chung-Ang University.

Centennial Special 


     CAU logo

Chung-Ang University created a very distinct and simplistic logo with the classic blue font “CAU” and the red square.

The blue color font symbolizes the energetic and progressive change and development of CAU, and the red square represents a window to the future.

cau logo.PNG

Recently, CAU also created a new logo to represent the Centennial Year celebration. The number “100” is used to portray the tough image using calligraphic style to represent a running man in CAU.

cau dragon speical

Blue Dragon monument

The Blue Dragon monument that is located near the middle gate of the campus and was built in 1968 to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The mascot was believed to be chosen by Dr. Yim when she had a dream about a blue dragon and now became the school’s symbol. Its creation and construction of the dragon was funded by a Chung-Ang University Alumni. The blue dragon symbolizes sanctity, dignity and prosperity. In addition, it also stands for sacredness, authority, freedom and eternal prosperity. The seven step stones under the blue dragon is known to represent the Big Dipper, “and the water that shoots up between the cracks in the rock denotes the blue dragon’s ascending to heaven after a lengthy practice of asceticism, which stands for CAU’s quest for justice and pursuit of knowledge” (Chung-Ang University, n.d, Symbols, p. 11).

making the dragon

Construction of the Blue Dragon monument

What was placed inside the monument?

When the dragon was built, the founder, Dr. Young-Shin Yim and other Chung-Ang alumni placed certain articles regarding the origin of CAU inside of the globe. Contents contain Dr. Yim’s valuables such as history about the founders, development plans about CAU future, traditional Korean costume, her favorite foundation pen, etc. Although, specific contents of what has been placed into the dragon time capsule is still a mystery.

Any other event happening to celebrate the Centennial Year? 

2018 QS APPLE Conference! In honor of CAU’s Centennial Year, QS Apple Conference was held in Chung Ang University. The conference gathered higher international educators from different parts of the world (Asia, America, Europe and Australia) to educate attendees about global networking and discuss recent educational developments in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference was successfully held on November 21-23 2018.



Happy Centennial Year CAU!

“CAU is ready to take a giant leap forward to advance into a wider world and further grow for many years to come” –CAU 100 Anniversary Planning Team



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